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Thread: Ideal 4x4

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    Ideal 4x4

    Just wondering what 4x4 (including pick ups) vehicles would be recommended and why,
    - Relatively new
    - 5000-9000
    - Smaller than a 3.0l Diesel

    Many Thanks,


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    i think if everyone was honest with you all 4x4 are good.
    what makes em great is the tyres and clearance.
    i just bought (awaiting Vw comeback) a 4x4 Vw transporter.
    now if this doesn't appear, long story, i will buy an old l200 pre 52 plate
    i will spend 100 raising it 2/3 inches and spend 70/100 each corner on decent tyres.
    you will never want for another 4x4 then.
    obviously that will work with any model.
    if its economy you need as well as capability then some of the smaller Suzuki type jeeps will suit.
    they are smaller but cheaper to buy and run. stick a tow bar on it if your dealing with lots of deer or build a rack for the inside which will allow you to hold more.
    i have done what the second poster says and referred new posters to back sections on subjects which have been as he says done to death but this is always something that many have good info on.
    i hope mine helped.
    let us know what you buy.

    atb frank

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    Range Rover Classic 3.9 with twin LPG tanks
    Bit bigger engine capacity than what your looking for and older but will go absolutely anywhere etc in 8 ft of water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannlicher_Stu View Post
    Range Rover Classic 3.9 with twin LPG tanks
    Bit bigger engine capacity than what your looking for and older but will go absolutely anywhere etc in 8 ft of water
    I'd agree with this. I had one for a few years and it was perfect for the job. Mine was a 4.2 LWB but essentially the same thing and wasn't so shiny new that I didn't want to take it anywhere it might get scratched which I'd have to admit would be a problem for me with something newer.

    The only thing that you've got to watch is that with LPG you often get a smaller petrol tank and lose the accuracy of the fuel gauge and whilst the normal plan is to run on LPG until you run out, switch to petrol and then refuel as soon as possible, you shouldn't push your luck with the petrol.

    The only problem I ever had was when I went to France, didn't realise that I needed an adaptor for the LPG pumps there, couldn't buy any LPG and had to run on a smaller petrol tank with an inaccurate gauge. Consequently I had to fill up frequently and it added two hours to the journey back to Calais. I found out later that most of the motorway services have adaptors you can borrow.

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    My main motor is a 2010 Mk6 Hilux Invincible but the wife uses a 56 plate Suzuki Grand Vitara 3dr with a 1.6 petrol engine and it's a surprisingly capable little machine.

    Hasn't missed a beat in all this snow and ice etc (to be fair she does know how to handle & drive a 4x4, can't say the same for other mums n dads in the school runs etc... )

    Good performance both on & offroad and will tow a single horse box without too much difficulty when required. It won't break any speed records but that's not a problem for me.

    Space can be adjusted in the rear with the 50/50 rear seat split but hasn't the greatest of capacity , but, I find it a good compromise as a general run about, not too sore on the juice and will go places you really wouldn't expect.

    Always an option if you don't need masses of space, but just beware as I believe the 5dr with the 1.6 petrol engine is a bit sluggish though.

    Everyone will have differing opinions, just look at all the previous threads etc but best advice is try as many as you can before deciding, with the bigger pick-ups, I'd advise getting the larger diesel engined models but I see thats not on of your criteria.

    Good luck spending your money.

    PS, I know a guy who works for a local garage and this recent bad weather has given him a bit of a run on 4x4's ...which are now creeping up in price..!

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    I asked around on here some time back on a similar subject and in the end bought a Nissan X-Trail, which several people recommended. Now I realise it isn't a real 4X4 but I need something comfortable for longer runs (all my stalking is a goodly distance from home plus I'm back and forth to Stornoway during the year) with reasonable economy and reasonable off road performance. Depending on your requirements and priorities it is worth a look. I looked at the Discovery 3 and it was a lovely car but I would never, ever consider a Land Rover or anything they make again after the way they behaved. I've been running the x-Trail since March and have done about 11,000 miles so far and must say that I've been impressed and it has gone everywhere I've needed it to go, it gets a reputation of being the most capable "soft roader" and I average 42mpg but can approach 50 on long relaxed runs. The only down side is that the wheels/tyres are a very odd size and the rims on mine are 17 inch so there are no AT tyres available to fit. I've been watching ebay for a set of suitable 16 inch rims and will put AT tyres on at some time as that will add a bit of insurance. It will carry my high seat, pole saw, bits and bobs and a sika stag in a big fish box and has a lot of the stuff you pay big money for as options on other vehicles such as cruise control, bluetooth and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roe View Post
    Just wondering what 4x4 (including pick ups) vehicles would be recommended and why,
    - Relatively new
    - 5000-9000
    - Smaller than a 3.0l Diesel

    Many Thanks,

    just spoke to my dealer mate and he has a L200 animal 04 plate for 4000 118000 miles with a canopy he is in glasgow pm me if any good and i will give you his number and introduce you to him
    trade car no warranty but thats cheap mate.


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    Cheers Frank, I'll hold you on that one! Can't complain for an L200 @ 4000!!

    But have had a re-think and have found an Audi A3, it's not a 4x4 but is ideal for what I need really. With driving back to uni most weekends, I can't really afford to run a pick-up/4x4 on fuel costs with the travelling.

    Many thanks for the inputs though!



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