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Thread: Definitive answer please.

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    Definitive answer please.

    How do I take my 30.06 through France to shoot in Italy? Please, no guessing, as it will be me stuck at Dover or Calais!

    If you are in the know please tell.


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    you could have a problem as 30,06 is classed as a military caliber, some one on here may have taken a 30,06 through France best to wait for the correct answer. come on guys someone must know. deerwarden

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    That is exactly my problem Deerwarden.

    I have heard that transit through France may be possible, but not hunting.

    I wish to get down to Italy, but to do so prefer to go via France as it is my most direct route.

    I await good advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    Looks like I'll be going via anywhere but France then.

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    friends of mine have travelled through France to get to Germany with .308 target rifles and reported no difficulties. Why don't you email the French embassy and ask them directly, I have done this in the past with regard to firearms law and received a prompt responce. I've also heard from others who claim transiting the country with military calibres hasn't previously been a problem, but I don't know if things have changed.

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    I was told by firearms licensing that with you can travel through France with a locally restricted calibre of sporting rifle so long as it's on your EFP but I was never 100% that it still wouldn't cause hassle and delays if I ever did do this.

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