Hi All,

Hunter here from North of Boston, checking in to the forum for the first time. I hunt whitetail here in Massachusetts, and in Southern Maine and New Hapshire also.

Did not fill neither my Maine nor New Hampshire Tag in 2010, but Massachusetts Firearm season (Shotgun Slugs only as Rifles are forbidden for Deer hunting in Massachusetts) is still open until Saturday Dec 11th and then Muzzleloader opens on Monday Dec 13th through the end of December so I am still hopefull for a buck in 2010.

I was sitting in my treestand Sat afternoon, when I looked over to my left and I saw the rub pictured here, about 25 yards to my south, when leaving after the end of legal shooting time I took the pic and could see that it was a fresh rub, probably from earlier in the day (when I went duck hunting on the coast and should have been in my tree stand)