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Thread: Im just tacking my pet stag for a walk!!

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    Im just tacking my pet stag for a walk!!

    Some time ago, i had just finished dragging a stag to the road, at least a mile , so was tired and some what relieved to be in sight of a cold beer awaiting me in the game chiller,(no need for a fridge that big whithout some beer in it). At this point i have to explain to the argo stalkers amongst us the stag was being dragged by a special halter arangement used by west coast stalkers.Any way as i was mopping my brow by the roadside, a lady in a fancy car screeches to a halt, reverses and winds doon the electric window . She says to me '' WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING -- THAT POOR DEER''Imiadiatly recognising the 'anti' tone of voice, from somewhere, came the perfect rejoinder. I replied 'please madam i need help i was just taking my pet stag for a walk and i dont know what has happend! (as i hauled on the rope), his legs have given out!.,She took one glance at the riffle in its sleeve on my shoulder, stuck her nose in the air and left me with a smell of burning rubber in my nose. I was glad i didnt have to go into all the ,'we only shoot the old ones etc. etc. as i was tired after all and the beer was waiting!!!!!!!!

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    Sorry im still learning how to use spellcheck!!!!!!!!!

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    Outstanding !!!
    Similar thing happened to a friend of mine from Fife a few years ago.
    He had parked his car off the road by a fence which gave him access to a rough shoot he rented. The 3 chaps he invited for a shot had made their way onto the ground and he was booting up when a car came up the single track road, came to a noisy and dusty halt beside him, the passenger window opened and the woman said "do you know who I am" ? He casually turned and called the other chaps back who were by this time 60 yards away and patiently waited. When they were at the fence he asked they chaps if they knew who she was, because it seems she dosent !!!!! Nothing but dust and stones in the air as she drove of, not amused.
    She lived at the end of the road and was a legend in her own lunch hour !!!

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    who cares aboot spellin,

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