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    Jeremy Vine

    I switch the radio on yesturday to the Jeremy Vine show and they were having a discussion about selling venison privately, I caught less than a minute of it before I had to leave the car. Did anyone listen to it and are able to give me the general jist of it?

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    should be on bbc i player will have a look for it ta mate

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    Like you I heard some of it - basically there were two people on: one was a slaughterman and butcher and one sounded like some mate of the producer who was there to stir things up and my take on him was that he was getting paid as a troll. From the bit I heard the butcher made all the points you'd expect which is to say hygene, safety, was the poached beast medicated and so on while the other bloke said he bought lots of his meat, including venison, from blokes he met down the pub. The item wasn't just about venison and in fact the focus of the link was on the fact that lots of sheep are now being stolen to supply a black market in meat. It just so happened that the nutter bloke claimed to have bought just about every type of meat known to man down the pub and that is where venison got introduced. I am also pretty sure that a lot of it was untrue as the nutter bloke had difficulty with even simple questions about the circumstances of his purchases and provided very little detail or background so he really wasn't convincing at all.

    As an aside I had some deer poached on me about 2 years back. For some reason although the poachers removed some carcases they left one complete deer lying dead in the ditch. They returned 5 days later and butchered this carcass where it lay. My money says that venison was sold to some bloke down the pub and I'm amazed there wasn't a death, maybe there was. The police were provided with the name, address and vehicle details of the poacher at that time, and on several subsequent occasions, and he is still blasting away at eyes in the lamp when it suits him with the police of the view they "can do nothing about it."

    Now, I am sure that if you were to interview the same nutter bloke about people shooting at eyes in a light at night he would be exploding with rage, in fact being the Vine show he is probably totally opposed to private firearms ownership. Equally if you were to interview him about food safety he'd want a whole range of laws to protect his children etc. and yet there he is speaking out in defence of organised poaching for cash.

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    Yeah, they got Steve Berry on it, who's always good at putting his point across, he was in support of buying game through the back door.

    The guy from the butchery/slaughterman side was not impressed as he said the carcasses weren't accountable in the same was as when they had been through an abattoir.

    They had a bit of a discussion about the price of meat when it comes through the official channels.

    Jeremy Vine made a few sweeping statements that weren't completely factually accurate, then a chap phoned in who does a bit of shooting and put him in the picture.

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    Thanks for the responces. I just heared a bloke saying that it is illegal to sell someone venison if it hadn't been through a game dealer but it was ok to give it away.

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    hi guys i heard the show it was really about sheep steeling being big buisness and should you buy cheap meat from people down the pub. the butcher was urging people to buy though proper channels because of hygene and the other guy said he baught cheap pigeons and game birds along with cheap venison out the back of his mates landrover which didnt come across all that well,wayne

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    Wish someone would rustle Mr Vine, or should that be whine?............ most likely person on the radio to make my ears bleed!
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    I listened and was quite surprised the BBC aired it.

    The premise of the story was along the lines of ".... alot of sheep are being stolen from fields. Would you buy meat of unkown provenance from a character down the pub?" They then had two experts to put the case for and against.

    I doubt whether they would have set up a similar debate along the lines of "alot of Sat Navs have been stolen from cars. Would you buy a sat nav of unknown provenance from a bloke in the pub". Sounded to me like a good example of townies who seem to think that stealing an animal from the countryside is somehow less of a crime than the types of robbin' they are used to.

    The story could just as easily gone along the lines of "someone has been taken very ill due to eating contaminated meat bought from a character down the pub. Isn't that disgraceful etc. etc."

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