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Thread: Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin

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    Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin

    Does anyone own one? Are they any good off road? If you've owned one, what are the good and bad points of this particular vehicle?

    Thanks in advance.

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    My next door neighbour has one.... apart from the fanbelt screaming like a banshee every morning it seems to do ok. He and myself where the only one's to make it out of the street in January when we had nearly a foot of snow. The only thing I don't like about it is the ground clearance isn't that good and the exhaust looks like it could do with modifying so it's up out of the way. Not much boot space either but I would say that... I can get a washing machine in mine without folding the seats
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    5 door one here...

    Good - great off road, been everywhere in the recent snow, one of the only hairdressers cars with a diff lock which is clearly great in the snow and mud and this means it beats the competition hands down for off road - I changed the tyres for 215/70/16 grabber AT2's which are ace, small inside but the little hidden shelf organiser and stuff makes up for this in a big way.

    Bad - seats don't fold flat, you need to take out the bottom seat to make this work (WTF!) like all 4x4's its heavy on the juice & noisy on the road, over 70 you start really noticing the noise, but I bought it to try and go slower and protect my licence anyway - again like all 4x4 its maintenance heavy, mine needed new transmission seal and the diff lock sensor is faulty at the moment (doesnt stop the lock working though)

    If I was buying again tomorrow, I'd probably get a Jimny - however I wanted somethign that would be OK for the odd motorway trip, and the Pinin is a lot better for that than the Jimny.

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    I think Dalua has one, and likes it. I believe that not all of them have the full diff-lock system, so mind which model you buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    I think Dalua has one, and likes it. I believe that not all of them have the full diff-lock system, so mind which model you buy.
    Right on all three counts.

    I have a swb one with the second gear-lever for rwd/4wd/4wd low/4wd low+centre diff lock, which indeed is not found on all models.

    I fitted General Grabber AT2 tyres, dropping the mpg from about 36 at best (steady 60mph motorway) to 32 at best. The boot is barely noticable unless you remove the back seat and drop the backs, although I do get a flat load area in mine.

    I've found it very capable at the modest off-road use it gets (lamping) and also in the snow. Being relatively light, it is not prone to digging itself in.

    I think I've come to the conlcusion that it makes more sense for me to have a small 4x4 and a larger diesel estate car, rather than trying to find a vehicle which will do both the long, comfortable and economical and the briefer, rougher, dirty work. Mind you, as with vehicles so with other aspects of life, except the vehicles don't seem to mind sharing the drive.

    Furthermore, as neither vehicle is a spring chicken, there's always a chance that if one won't work, the other will.

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    My father has one. He bought it about 4 yrs ago after getting fed up with the cost of maintaining and driving off-road a large 4x4.

    Very capable little motor which has embarassed more than a few larger and many times more expensive 4x4s. If buying, either get the the 5 door version of have the rear seats ripped out of the smaller 3 door.

    4yrs, approx 50,000 miles including rough off-roading and all its cost him is the usual brakes,front disks and an exhaust

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    One brother had one and went everywhere in it over ~120K - he lives off road for work, from the highlands to the broads, woodland to open moor and the Pinin went 99% of the places his subsequent (heavily modified) Landy went, and 98% of the places his subsequent new (stock) Shogun went!!

    My other brother has now bought one for all his farm work - does very well, no major problems, go pretty much everywhere, doubt you'll be disappointed.

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    Cheers guys. My day to day motor is rear wheel drive, automatic box with ESP. Lots of fun in the summer, but completely useless in the snow. I've got some ground in the highlands now that really requires a 4 x 4 so I'm thinking of either swapping the other half's motor for a 4 x 4. Or even leaving her be and buying a Pinin as well. I've looked at various models, the Jimny is too small, and a lot of others appear to be soft roader's. The Pinin would be an example with diff lock and low range. I know they're regarded as hairdressers cars by those with bigger 4 x 4's, but they seem to suit and are fairly cheap.

    If it becomes a dedicated stalking vehicle (And it probably will) as well as raising it a couple of inches and adding off road tyres is there any other mods it would benefit from?

    Thanks in advance.

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    get air con serviced and heating matrix serviced
    also a good stereo as you will spend a lot of time in it
    possibly a good roof lamp (manual movement type)


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    Apparently its really difficult to do a lift on the Pinin, due to macpherson struts on the front end

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