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Thread: Cold weather boots - Muck Boot Spey ??

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    Cold weather boots - Muck Boot Spey ??


    I have been looking at the Muck Boots Tay Sport but they seem to be out of stock in size 10, except at silly prices !!!

    Does anyone have any view on the Muck Boot Spey - tried them etc.

    My old wellies saw my toes turn blue, so I need something good for the usually, cold, wet and often muddy walk to the high seats and then that keep my feet warm while sitting ??

    Cheers + ATVB


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    I have a pair. after two years there is a crack in the heal guard but I have a request for another pair for Christmas. Spay or Tay. Good traction on Spey and comfortable walking. I was wondering if Tay was to much grip where they would not be as comfortable on had ground,

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    iv had the cammo ones for about 3 years brill,so i got a pr of tay tthe ones with more grip there a1******* very comfy and warm i paid 60 for mine from the scottish game fair

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    They are all very comfortable. I'm advised that the ones with the very chunky grips are good in mud but not very good on rock or stone, so I got the others.

    So, two types in this cave as my wife has the chunky-grip soles. They all feel a bit heavy in the hand, but are extremely cosy and comfortable to walk in.
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    I bought a pair of the tay ones last week and am really chuffed with them. They keep my feet warm and my socks held up, nice chunky grips on the sole but not to the extent of making them noticeably heavy. I paid a bit more than normal for them as I didnt want to rely on the post in this weather however a search on google shopping has them starting at about 51 excl p&p. Out for a night lamping in snow for 3 hours a couple of nights ago and feet still warm at the end.

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    I bought a pair of Tay boots off of eBay a few weeks ago, based on recommendations from this site. I paid about 65 including P+P and they turned up a day or two later. They are super toasty and I wouldn't hesitate to get another pair, though I'll have to see how they last.

    When I was up in Scotland in September my Toggi wellies died, so I bought a cheap(ish) pair of Wychwood neoprene wellies for 40. They were lovely and warm but after two months the sole detached from the upper. I am hoping the Muck Boots fare better.

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    I've had a pair of Tay Muckboots for a couple of years, they're the best wellies I've ever had and really good value for money. Warm and great to walk in, it's almost like they're not actually wellies at all

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    I've been looking at getting some as well, heard nothing but good reports on here, think the tay are classed as cold weather ones, with better soles for wading in rivers etc, fancy the camo ones for stalking though, bring on the January sales. deerwarden

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