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Thread: Looking for a Guide Recommendation

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    Looking for a Guide Recommendation

    Hi All,
    Hunter here from North of Boston, checking in to the forum for the first time. I hunt whitetail here in Massachusetts, and in Southern Maine and New Hampshire also.

    However I am also going to in Surrey in the last week in February visiting my brother. He has been hunting with a local guide there and I hope to get after some Roe and maybe Fallow if any are around. However his guide usually only brings sports out only on the weekend, as he has a day job during the week, so if any members are local to the General Surrey and surrounding counties and could provide any advice, perhaps recommend a guide that they have used and were happy with the service, please respond.



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    Hi Seamus,
    I don't know how far in Surry you are from Stockbridge, if it is not far, or is a manageable distance, try Jelen Deer Services, Mike the director advertises on this site somewhere.
    He is now working full time so will be able to take you out during the week at reasonable rates and has some good ground with both Roe, Muntjac and Fallow.
    Good luck with your trip to UK.

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    Talk to Terry C. Again a bit of a pull perhaps for you, at Salisbury. Good guy to deal with and is free week days on occasions.

    Hope you have a good time whatever you decide.


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    Hi Seamus
    Jelen Deer Services are the guys to get hold of. If you need there numbers just pm me and I will send you all the details. Hope this helps



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    Guide Recommendation

    Thanks to those who replied. I have asked by brother to reach out to Jelen Deer services to see if they would have any opportunities during the last week of February.


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    Just put Jelen Deer Services into your web search and it will come up loud and clear and they will have slots for almost any date you require, they are very flexible.

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    Hi there seamus,You brought back memorys to me,Clossest i got to a whitetail is when i came across a buck killed on a road in nantucket island where i ran of brocken hearted too as ateenager,I loved new england massachusetts,I was working on the cranberry bogs for ocean spray,I used to go arrow hunting after it rained as it showed up the quarts heads ,The first traders to the islands traded axes pipes etc,The bogs were a good part to hunt in them times as the native indians used to run the deer into the bogs to slow them down then throwing their spears and fireing their arrows,Thus i found quite a few,If you need some help further north,200miles gives a shout ,hope you have a succesful time,

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