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Thread: damage limitation

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    damage limitation

    Recently had a call from a mate whos a keeper near me asking what can be done to stop deer knocking over feeders and eating the lot but short of changing the whole batch of feeders for sturdier models and fencing,we agreed that nothing short term would do the trick .We agreed that a cull was long overdue on the land and that we would start today .After other duties of feeding and topping up water stations [no mean feat this weather] it was decided that we would cover the lower ground .Just got to the first gate when mates phone rang. One very pissed off keeper had to go chop wood for the house followed by gritting duties at the other end of the estate but that life in a tied cottage for you . :thumbdown: .However ,i was told to carry on as i know the place inside out as i do the terrier work here too.I headed towards a valley i thought the deer would be in and no surprise really that they were.Overnight hoare frost had turned the place into an even more beautiful landscape and the crunchiness underfoot was gone allowing a steady pace .I glassed more frequently than i would normally as i expected the deer to be lead down under the hawthorn but as nly deer can they proved me wrong .A pair were out on top of the valley and walking away from me in a dip that had been hidden due to the topography .I now had to back track to get above them providing a long shot but no matter.This valley is on a long sweeping slope that weaves in and out the chalk landscape so you can picture why i had to backtrack to get a backstop.Lead down on the bipod and waited for a broadside .Took the doe and follower in quick succession at approx 170 yds.Made in for the gralloch along the valley top but never got far .Spotted a doe and follower under a hawthorn bush and about 90 yds further on over the other side so a combined distance of maybe 130 .Both lead down and no sign that they were spooked so a crawl down the game crop saw me within 70 yds and on the 'pod.The follower was a buck kid and a long glass revealed it was scouring a bit so i took it with a head shot to which the doe stood up but with a bush covering the front end .Waited for ages but she eventually made off up over the valley side and out my veiw .The gralloch revealed a healthy beast with plenty of fat around the organs as was to be the case in all shot today .

    Continued on leaving them for collection later .Further down the valley it splits into four smaller fingers and i chose the left hand to follow as this ended in a stubble field still full of round bales that the deer love .Glassed a pair of deer actually on a feeder clearing up the spilt corn greedily .Another doe and follower which turned out to another buck kid.Stalked in to roughly 120 using the abundant hawthorn and got myself steadied on an ant hill,my favourite rest of all .The kid fell to my first shot to which the doe did a half circle in the valley bottem and stood beside the kid dead on the gass.She joined him soon after though.The phone rang about my own work and i was distracted enough not to take any pics of this pair as i wandered on talking as i went . Stalked on seeing only pheasants and the abundant redlegs.

    Down in the field at the end of the valley there was a party of deer amongst the bales ,a young buck ,a doe and two followers

    I had shot what i thought was exceptable for the area so took a pic and was content to watch these as they picked their way along the field stopping to browse at nothing in particular.A cracking bit of sport and venison for the house .Walked to the truck ,drove back and collected the fallen .

    Two mature does ,two buck kids and a doe kid .We are to cull in another area later towards christmas.

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    Nice write up! Congrats on a cracking result. a good way to start the cull.




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    Beautiful morning, great result! Nice write up and pictures.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    very nice, nice pics

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    Great write up and some very nice pics too.


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    Well done, no shortage of deer there, yet

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Not a bad days work!

    Well done

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    What a day (easy isn't it)
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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