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    steve o

    hello everyone
    I'm a very keen shooting man from Dorset a builder by trade and keeper in my spare time on a 2000 bird shoot. My biggest passion is deer stalking closely followed by gundog training. I just about manage to juggle this around my family life probably the same for most people look forward to chatting.

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    Welcome mate (there seems to be a lot of us from Dorset now!) Look forward to some banter, whereabouts are you based?



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    [COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Hi tom,
    i am based near dorchester i'm a bit new to all of this but i am looking forward to chatting with various people about shooting activities !!![/COLOR]

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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to SD mate. I'm sure you will gain a great deal from this site.

    Best regards

    (Jelen Deer Services)

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