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    Ok you lot out there.the doers and the wannabees
    I want to provide the best equipment for the dogman.No clever comments,no macho stuff !
    Having just trialed some neophene gloves from a nameless supplier I am now trying to thaw out my fingers.
    What gloves would you lot buy?
    Warm(look outside)
    friction resistant(for the leash)
    Durable(VaLUE FOR MONEY)
    Stalker needs to shoot ,track, retrieve,
    Is there anyone out there that has a view that would benefit me as a supplier and you as dog handlers.
    After reading some of the threads I am starting to wonder
    Sorry to be so blunt

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    i have some leather ones by laksen i wouldnt have anything else , i think they were a bit pricie ive had em so long i cant remember

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    Nomex flying gloves, leather palms and fingers with a warm fire retardant material.

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    I have a pair of German leather army gloves that i bought years ago. I have no problem shooting the rifle,shotgun while wearing them They fit nice but are getting a little past there sell by date.
    I was looking at some work gloves the other day that were water proof and insulated and were a nice fit for 10 quid. I will buy a couple of pairs to keep in the truck. Most shooting gloves are over priced and these work gloves look like they will be good for when,if i need a pair of gloves.
    Unless its under -5 i don't normally weargloves if i'm on the move and it would have to be cold before i wore gloves while tracking with the dog.
    I have a pair of leather Fjällraven gloves, very posh and never wear them. Also have a pair of Chevalier Archer Gore tex gloves that i use when we hunt with the dogs and there is a lot of standing, sitting in the forest on cold snowy days
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    Macwets for summer, sealskinz ultragrip for winter, they are warm, waterproof and you can handle bullets, work the bolt and safety no probs.

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    Thanks Chaps
    Extrapolated your comments and have found a potential supplier
    As I only sell what has been tried out in the field I may call on you above to be guinea pigs in a glove review


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    Kit I also use Army issue desert gloves, thin supple leather and fairly durable. Available from most Army surplus stores, you may want to dye them though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Nomex flying gloves, leather palms and fingers with a warm fire retardant material.
    Like these?

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    I'll be quite honest here in what I prefer to use and why

    I hav several pairs of what they call "Magic gloves" one size fits all , they cost me a £1 a pair and can be worn both summer and winter and if too cold I'll put on a 2nd pair if needed plus they will fit either hand so no messing about looking for the other half to a pair
    along with these,
    I also carry a pair of rigger gloves cost me £1.50 from my local agricultural supplier which I slip on over the magic gloves
    a little bulky but no more so than a pair of thinsulate type ski gloves
    But no friction problems when thumbing a long leash on a track plus my dog is not a puller
    and they protect your hand from all that rough pearling when dragging a roe back by the antler and even better when pulling a munty out of the bramble, as I do admit they really play havoc with my skin
    It don't matter if they get wet or torn and for the price who cares if you loose a glove or too over the year , because at that price you can get multiple pairs to what you will pay for a supposedly good pair of gloves
    I know this don't really help you much Kit,
    but why would any one want to pay a fortune for a pair of gloves that they will potentially wreck by doing what is expected with dog work especially if you do more than your fair share and in heavy or dense cover
    I feel it is better to look at a set of gloves that is just suited for lead and dog work as part of that kit than a set that is used for everything, because you'll soon wear them out , wreck them or loose them
    this was the conclusion I came too one night after a long track in thick cover for a munty soon after I lost one half to an expensive pair of leather shooting gloves I thought were a necessary item to my tracking kit
    did the gralloch and thought they were safely in my pocket, never did find it

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