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Thread: Bullets.

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    When i bought my 243 (Howa 1500) i had a discussion at the gunshop about which bullets i should start with. I told Neil i wanted a bullet that would do for deer and fox, but with as little damage to the deer as possible.
    Neil said that the Federal, power shocks, 100 grainers would do the job but if i or the rifle didn`t like them i could take the unopened boxes back.
    In fact i`ve found these to be fine for me at present, i don`t want to try any others yet as with my lower level of experience i`ll get to confused.
    Has anyone found a bullet that they or their rifle found to be that bad they couldn`t use it??

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    Tikka t3 hunter......243 remmington core lock 100 grain. would not hold a group on targets. ( Never missed a deer, but would not group as one would expect. A friend loaded me some 85grain, and now I m in love again!!

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    Tried sierra 100gr in my Parker Hale Pro Stalker. Rubbish. Tried some Hornady 100gr, still the same. Now trying 70gr but lucky to get a 3" group.
    Floated the barrel but still the groups spread!
    Given up now, but just use 125gr Sierras in my Sako Finnlight in .308 and puts 3 shots down the same hole off the bench so will stick to this.

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    Prvi Partizan, 150gr in .308 in a Blaser R93.
    First 3 or 4 rounds would group lovely, about .75" or so, then the next one would be "where the feck did that go!?"
    Bad enough on the range, absolutley useless on animals.
    Cheap, but maybe there's a reason for that.

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    So glad it is not just me. Failed my level one shoot because of grouping!! Went back 2 weeks later, usng examiners rifle and walked it!!.

    Lesson learnt? .....not sure. If I had not done level 1, i probably would still be killing deer, and every so often thinking, umm...a little high, or umm...a little back!!! As I said, never had a deer run of ( joys of engine room shooting) but the bullets/gun combination was not good enough for level 1.

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    The answers so far reflect what i am learning. Is there such a thing as the perfect bullet?? I don`t mean to be rude Duncs, but in your case was it bad grouping or just a bad day at the office, even the weather factors can affect our shooting. Please keep your answers coming.

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    I'm no expert on ballistics and usually keep away from the subject. However I posted sometime ago about the fact that I could not hold a decent grouping with my rifle. So I changed the bullets, the very same bullets that I had used for years; still no good. I then changed my rifle; the new rifle was great on the range but again poor on the deer. I went through every possible reason for this and got very concerned about a number of issues. What was actually wrong was me!
    After a day of shooting that I didn't enjoy and rushed; I decided something was wrong. My doubts grew bigger and then knocked my confidence in my shooting and the tools I was using this snow balled out of control. A couple of people off this site informed me that this was the problem and I was looking for answers in the wrong place.

    I went back to the range with a fresh and better attitude and guess what my shooting improved considerably! Sometimes itís the simple things that need fixing.

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    Basil - if you have struck gold with the first type of bullets / ammo why change - get us much of that brand and in particular that batch as you can and sit on it. My Heym SR20 .243 loves RWS 100gn - clover leafs three rounds, but with Federal ammo - I get better groups with my 12 bore and open choke.

    Richard Parsons - if free floating doesn't work try: (at risk of telling granny to suck eggs)

    1) Shoot groups very slowly - ie give the barrel plenty of time to cool, especially if it has a lightweight barrel.

    2) checking that everything else is tight. Is the scope or mounts at fault.

    3) Give the barrel a really good clean with a good copper slvent - Hoppes Bench Rest or even JB Bore cleaner - my Heym always grouped pretty well (1 inch or so) with RWS, but I had bought it second hand. A friend who is bench rester swore at the state of the inside of the barrel (it looked perfectly clean to me) and then gave the bore a very good clean with lapping compound and group size shrunk dramatically.

    4) Try applying upward positive pressure at the foreend - couple of business cards between the foreend and the barrel. Method suggested by Craig Boddington in his book Accurate Rifles - he recounts how with more than one rifle such treatment turns it from being a rifle to through in the bin to a tackdriver - particularly those with quite lighweight barrels.

    With full length stocked rifles (ie Mannlichers) putting positvie pressure half way along the barrel will also have the same effect.

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    Heym sr20. I`ve got no intentions of changing - at the moment, as i said, to many alternatives will confuse me. I`m not saying i`ve struck gold, but, i think i`ve got a good bullet at the moment.

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    Basil, I am one hundred % sure it was the ammo!! In the end we had a "firearms guru" take the rifle away, he did what he did!!! Tried as he might he could not get it to group with the 100gr., now it clover leafs with home loaded 85 grain, and as I said, I am now back in love with it!!

    Since this experience, I have heard of others finding 100 gr a little heavy for a .243.

    On the flip side, my 308 t3 simply love federal power shock 150gr, and groups sup inch.

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