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Thread: Stalking with the basics or all the accessories?

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    Stalking with the basics or all the accessories?

    Well I just thought I would take my rifle back to basics and see how it feels so took of the took the bipod, cheek-piece with 8 rounds and didnít put the mod on and it felt good and so light so I weighed the bits I had removed and they came to 1.6kgs and when I weighed the rifle with scope and mounts and bolt and all that only came to 4kgs (admittedly on bathroom scales) so all these bits and bobs added almost 40% on to the rifleís weight in what is debatably unnecessary. It has got me thinking how nice it would be to stalk with such a lightweight rifle and although I like to have a bipod this could be substituted for my binos being upturned. So what do you lot do? As light as possible are keep the little comforts like a Bipod and sound mod and so on? Do you travel light or with everything you could possibly need?


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    I did the same think a couple of weeks ago, 90% of my stalking is high seat but I fancied a walk an early morning walk about. Off came the mod and bi-pod. Shot a cracking fallow buck. But my ears missed the mod.....

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    In my first outings I used to take everything but the kitchen sink however, over time, I have lessened the equipment I take, or at least pack it in a smarter way!
    All the equipment I take now I feel is essential to effective stalking, however, what I feel is essential and what others deem essential will be different I can almost guarantee!
    Light is the way forward IMO.

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    I have recently swapped my scopes over, my 22-250 now has a S&B Flashdot fitted, originally a PM 2 was sat on top of it, I also swap my Moderator between the two rifles I use for stalking, so with th enew scope and no mod fitted, it feels a nice rifle, (T3 Lite), I was thinking of zeroing it with out the moderator and using it for Roe only as they are not a social animal, and may only have one or two with it (Dependants), which depending on the time of year, would not be shot, so as a Roe only rifle, it makes sense? I think?

    I'll see what it shoots like unmoderated and give it some serious thought.

    MY .270 however, will not be shot unmoderated, I did shoot it once and apart from the herrendoius muzzle flash, it wasn't for me, I'll not be taking that off, although, I like the calibre.
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    I have been thinking along the same lines of late............My Tikka T3 Hunter has been getting a bit lardy over the last few months, what with moderator, bipod, stock ammo holder etc.
    I'm not that keen on high seat work and prefer to stalk so it would be a blessing to carry...... My ears wouldn't like the report of the 25-06 un -moderated but then I don't fire that many shots so could prob put up with it.

    Maybe worth considering.

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    Have you been to the range and fired your new 'lite' rifle in all the positions you might use to stalk deer? It would be interesting to compare group sizes let alone fall of shot affected by different by a different set up....

    I have to say accuracy wins over less to carry in my book.

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    Hmmm well it was only last year that I brought my full bore sound moderator so you might say I am bit behind the times . I got it really as my stalking is by the outing or day and after moving I see more places asking for mods to be used so have one now JIC. Have two Harris Bi-Pods and as yet have not shot a deer off one however I have used fence posts, my day pack and even trees as steady rests in the past as well as a single stick. Just the other day I brought one of those alloy extending bi-pod sticks used off e-bay for £15 so now have another option to my hazel stalking stick. My last Buck was shot off a set of these belonging to John of Yorkshire and these were priced right so now I have a set. They don't weigh much but then neither does my seasoned Hazel stick .

    Rifles vary in weight of course the one used with John that time weighs under 8lbs, 7lbs 12 ozs ( 3.55kg) to be exact, sans ammo but ready to stalk. It's a 270 win chambered rifle BTW. At the other end of the scale I have a 6mm Rem chambered rifle with Bull barrel that weighs over 10lbs (4.5kgs). Of course the weight is felt more on hills and long stalks so the type of hunting will also influence the type of kit used IMHO.

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    A solution to the bi-pod weight is to do what i've done and get rid of your clunky old Harris and get a versa-pod. You can take it off and put it in your pocket when you want ie,when up a high seatetc. It is also quieter, easier to set and unfold , you can share it between all your rifles, pans better, ... shall I stop now(don't worry I don't work for the company!)

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    Prefer clean lines.
    No mod - no bipod and I have a finnlite.
    Though she wears an alloy mod now as its my estate rifle.
    3% of my deer shot with clients are taken from a bipod hardly worth carrying one.

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    I purposely went for the T3 Lite(6lb) knowing that by the time it was dressed with scope(hawke4-14x50 Pro stalk), mod DB-80 mk 3 and my poor old 62 year old arms it would do the business, BRIT:- I bought one of the extending bi-pods but can't get on with it, gone back to a stick.

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