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Thread: Hi from solwaystalker

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    Hi from solwaystalker

    I never introduced myself properly
    I have been stalking and fishing around 30 years ,started on roe
    with 222 and now also have 243, 270 ,and 308 lucky to have around
    10,000 acres of my own stalking with roe and wild boar and more land i share
    with a friend Also work as a stalker on a nearby estate in the galloway hills
    doing reds, goats and roe all good fun

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    Aye go on then, welcome to the site, suppose better late than never eh??? lol just kidding!
    Keep up the good work with boar.



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    Hi Pete
    Computer not my thing really
    too cold up here to sit out for long

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    Welcome Colin.

    Yep keep them boar well fed mate ...

    Speak soon


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    Hi Colin

    Any Boar showing at minute or is it to cold for you to sit out !

    All the best


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    hi colin do you sell paid days on your reds ,goat and boar thanks,wayne

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    Hi Wayne
    Yea can sort out any of the above no probs

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    thanks for the reply colin sounds good i will be in touch atb,wayne

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