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Thread: Canopy gas struts

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    Canopy gas struts

    As above for a Force 10 pick up canopy,unfortunatly i can find no number, any info to finding these or suitable would be great..


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    Contact Albert Jagger in Rochdale and give the the size and you can get the ones that you release the pressure with a little key to the pressure you require they will post them to you they are a wagon accesorie suppliers ask for there cd as well it very useful for all sorts of bits

    Atb Mark

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    Thanks Mark, will give him a try


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    Nell I've got a pair of struts but don't know what they are off, dimensions:- centre of ballend socket to socket fully open 600mm, closed 335mm (may close slightly less), gas reservoir tube 18mm x 300mm long, extending rod 8mm dia. If these are any good you can have them free of charge plus postage, although used they are in good condition, it takes me all my time to close with full body weight behind it, attatchment ball size seems to be 11mm'ish in size....callie

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