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Thread: swarovski binos

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    swarovski binos

    hi all

    for the last few weeks ive been serioulsy considering getting a pair of swarovski slc 8x30 binos BUT today ive come across a pair of ex demos for the same price which are slc 7x42
    and have never been out of the shop. ive looked though them and what a glass and i think i prefer them to the 8x30s.

    i currently use a pair of opticron 8x42 and the difference in clearity was out of this world

    the problem im faceing i dont noif ill miss 1 x magnification or not (all my stalking is on the hill and i carry a telescope during the stags)(i do no other hill stalkers that use the old 7x30)

    opinions please as this offer wont be around for long

    atb. fly

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    I don't even think you would miss the extra mag after a short while you will benifit on the 42 over the 30 tho which will be much better for you,ask yourself when was the last time you wanted more mag to see what you wanted to see.what sort of money are they looking for them
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    Buy them or you will regret it for the rest of your life. I doubt if you will notice the 1 X mag difference and the improved clarity should compensate for that. It is a real pleasure working with good optics.

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    Do you really need to ask. Buy the 7x42s

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    Fly Tyer,
    Don't even consider having the 8x30's when you can have 7x42's for the same price.
    The 1x mag reduction is far less important than gaining 12mm bigger objective lens.
    Buy them.

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    Buy them now! Or PM me the number of where they are being sold

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    The joy of the 8x30 is their size as the quite small and compact. Ideal if you are wanting an everyday pair of bins. I have used a pair and greatfor going for a walk and looking at a bird etc. But and it is a big but, when stalking you spend 10, 20, 40 percent of the time scanning through binoculars and the 7x42 have a much better balance and the extra weight ( not that much though) and volume makes them much easier to hold steady. They will also be much brighter - very important at dawn and dusk but also out on the Scottish hill it is surprisingly dark even at midday if there is any sort of cloud cover. Go with the 7x42s if I were you.

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    I own and use an old pair of swarovski 7x42 tyrols and they are still great I prefer them to the new 8.5x 42 that are on sale now. So I would say go for it before some one else does. all the best Ian

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    Ian.. you are living in a dream world if you reckon these Tyrol Binos compare to the new EL 8.5X42 HD binos... maybe you need an eye test? Do you stalk with "Lederhosen" too?

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    [QUOTE=RED-DOT;161312]Ian.. you are living in a dream world if you reckon these Tyrol Binos compare to the new EL 8.5X42 HD binos... maybe you need an eye test?
    +1 the swarovision are good,give you more clarity than the "normal"EL's late on
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