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Thread: Caliber choice

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    Caliber choice

    I know its probably been done to death, but i am interested in your views on this sinario.

    If you could have three calibers to cover everything in the uk what would they be?

    One of them has to be a 308 as i allready have that, i was thinking one slightly larger say 30-06 and one slightly smaller maybe 260rem or 25-06.

    all advice greatfully recieved.


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    Let me get this right - three rifles to cover everthing in the U.K. and one must be a .308 !
    Simple the next must be a .22 and the other would probably be a .222 or.223 Any choices will always come down to personal preferences.
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    Perhaps i should have said all the deer species and boar in the uk...


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    Ok so you have a .30 calibre:-

    One of them has to be a 308 as i allready have that, i was thinking one slightly larger say 30-06 and one slightly smaller maybe 260rem or 25-06.
    The 30-06 is still a .30 calibre just with a bigger cases your talking cartridges and not calibre . The next calibre up from .30 calibre is .303 or 8mm and down is 7mm or .284" ( which is the same as 7mm)

    Now you didn't say what you wanted the larger and smaller calibres for. As pointed out calibre is just one part the actual cartridge attached to the calibre is another point entirely . If we just look at the 9.3mm there is a wide range of power levels like the 9.3x57mm Mauser it then steps up to 9.3x62 and 9.3x74R followed by the 9.3x64 Brenneke. Same calibre just different cases behind the bullet.

    I have no experieince with the .260 rem cartridge but quite a bit with the 6.5x55 swede and it's a cracker. Excellent cartridge and calibre I might add the 6.5mm or .256" as it was known in Britain. Mild in recoil and seeming inherrently accurate what's not to like. The 25-06 however seems a bit more chosey, others on SD have far more experience with it than I do so a search on the forums will give quite a bit of information about the 26-06. I am playing with one but have not had it really that long.

    The 270 Winchester although you didn't mention it is an excellent cartridge and is smaller than the .30 calibre. Bullet weight is limited when compared against the 7mm/.284 so 7x64 would need to be considered too .

    Now you might find resistance from the FEO and licensing officer if you wish to go larger than .30 calibre as if you miss the 8mm Mauser then the jump is quite a bit as in common modern cartridges your talking either the .338 Winchester, .325 WSM, 8mm Rem Mag, or the 9.3x62 or 9.3x64 Brenneke. However if your just talking power levels then the 30-06 is a very slight step up with heavier bulllets, that's 180 grains upwards, or one fo the .30 cal magnums now knowing the way plods mind works and bearing in mind how stupid they can be a cartridge that comes to mind that may be of interest, assuming that it's actually available in the UK that is is one of Remingtons Ultra Mags. It's almost as if they developed it with the British fireamrs licensing bods in mind as they make factory ammunition in three different power levels starting off with one equal to the 30-06 then stage 2 is equal to 300 win mag then stage 3 is full throttle .30 Rem Ultra mag. I had a 2008 catalogue here the other day but no cannot find it as I wanted to check i got that bit correct............... Oh well! With this cartidge one can point out to the FEO that it meets the needs of several different needs and would certainly be adequete for Boar and the open hill. Just a thought.

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    Musty, .308 is sufficient for boar using the right bullet and load. As Brithunter has already pointed out the choice of load is probably more important than the actual calibre.

    This debate has been held so many times before both on sites like this and in shooting magazines and is normally headed by something on the lines of "Your ideal 3 gun battery for ******* country" or "What your 5/6/7 gun battery should be".

    It's probably a good party game for shooters to play over Christmas and will vary for whatever country you live in. For instance in the U.S.A. it would be taken for granted that you had a .30-06 rather than a .308 and in Germany it would possibly assumed that you had a 8x57, and in Africa the .375 would probably be taken as an obvious starting point.

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    Did this over the past few years, it is:
    1. 22/250.
    2. 260rem.
    3. 30/06.

    That's it, finito, well there is also a 22rf and a 12 bore.

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    Three rifles to cover everything up to boar:

    .308 for deer and boar!

    .260 for deer and foxes.

    .22RF for everything else.

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    Three rifles.

    1 .308
    2. 6.5x55
    3. .22 RF


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    Not that I'm ruling out buying another rifle as soon as funds permit, but a 7mm-08 will do everything you ask.

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    Mine are
    .17 HMR
    .300 Win-Mag

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