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    Cool Howdy

    Hello everyone, glad to join the new forum and hopefully pick up a tip or two from everybody's experiences.

    Based in Dumfries and Galloway I am a keen "new" stalker having done this for the past 2-3 years, mainly roe but having shot my first two Sika stags in Kintyre this September - hoping to do more of this when the opportunity arises. Been a keen shotgun shooter for over 20years, but drifted into rifles fairly recently.

    Two calibres in my armoury, a Remington 700SPS stainless in .308 with Northstar Mod and 2 week old Browning x-bolt stainless stalker in .243 with Northstar Mod replacing my previous Tikka T3 Varmint S/S.

    Looking forward to reading about everybody's experiences and if anyone has any tips on calling Sika Stags and Roe Bucks???

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    Hi Timney, welcome to the site

    Plenty of expertise here on calling:

    Sika Calling

    Roe Calling

    Plus you've got several months to practice

    all the best,


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    Thanks Alex, will take a good look at these links.

    Having had my first go at Sika in September I was amazed just how the stalker called them in, so after returning home I bought a couple of elk calls from Cabelas in USA. Even with postage, international charge and VAT it still worked out (a lot) cheaper than buying in UK!!!. Am eager to give them a bash in the new stag season, but want to attract them and not send them away!!!!

    Thanks for making me feel welcome.....I will pass on any stories as and when they happen but being a relatively new stalker I intend to use the site as a learning tool from the experts out there. Am up early in the morning for a go at the does now the snow is clearing so hopefully will have some success...

    Thanks Again

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