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Thread: sako 85 308

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    sako 85 308

    sako 85 308 varmint barrel, blued, walnut. Very accurate rifle. a few marks on the stock and blue worn on barrel where mod touches but if top accuracy on a tight budget is more important to you than a few cosmetic blemishes then this could be for you. 600

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    That's a good price rabbit fingers, why are you selling it?
    I have the same rifle myself and as far as I am concerned it will be a definate keeper!

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    Always thought I'd keep it, but need the funds for a custom rifle. Have spent an hour looking for some pics I KNOW are on my computer somewhere but can't find them. Ain't technology wonderfull will keep looking. I can't take more at the moment as it's now sat at the RFD's having already done a 1 for 1 for the new rifle.

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    what was the mod and can that be purchased with the rifle?? if so how much?

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    mod is a standard wildcat predator. I'm keeping it for the new rifle, sorry.

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    i cant belive that this rifle is still for sale very well built and popular rifle in a very popular caliber at a give away price and all you have to do is put a wildcat back on the rifle and all the barrel marks will be hidden ??????????

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    I personally can't believe the damage to the barell as this must have done a bit of work. My mate has a Sako .222 for sale and it shoots fantasic 8" groups and looks like new. I go for new if the budget allows as many good looking rifles may have had tens of thousands of rounds through it.

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    Is that the standard barrel length, or has it been cut down? Also, has the threading been proofed?

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