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Thread: Eye protection while tracking.

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    Eye protection while tracking.

    If, like me, you pay more attention to the ground than what you might be walking into while tracking in very heavy cover, then a pair of the mesh googles available from forestry/safety outlets might save a poke in the eye from a wayward twig.

    I can't get on with ordinary safety googles as they seem to steam up too easily, so the mesh ones are a good compromise and light enough to just stick in a pocket or pouch until needed.

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    If you don't want to look like an extra from 'The Fly' there are also specs types available.

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    Eye protection? I think thats a bit OTT. I carry enough gear when i hunt, track. Thats one bit of gear to much.

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    They look great but I need a pair I can wear over glasses. If knows where I get a pair I'd really appreciate it.

    Tracking and Training

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    Well Jagare, they weigh almost nothing and take up no space to talk of, so I'd prefer to maybe look a bit of a ****, (not difficult! ), than cop any more needles and crap in my eyes when crawling about in thicket stage plantings. Cheap insurance for the old mincers in my book - just a shame I didn't view earplugs in the same way all those years ago.

    Yabanjin, try some of the forestry or safety equipment supplies. Googling 'mesh goggles' or similar might throw up something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yabanjin View Post
    They look great but I need a pair I can wear over glasses. If knows where I get a pair I'd really appreciate it.
    I use these every day, they are very good just don't put them on tight! Try here- Safe Eyes Goggles | Clark Forest : Eye Protection, Ah just read you post, sorry! There are some called bug eyes, not sure if you can wear them over glasses?

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    But what about the dog?

    Doggles at

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    In all the years i have been beating , rough shooting , stalking ,etc i don't think i have ever had anything get in my eyes, Plenty has gone down me neck and its amazing how much gets in my underpants. I'm more worried about what is going to come chargeing at me with sharp teeth in a plantation.
    Boar proof trousers are more important than worrying about something getting in my eyes.
    I wear ear protection for all my shooting and tracking so i can hear whats going on

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    Sitka branch and needles in the eyes, if you've experienced it you'll know what I mean. Bloody sare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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