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Thread: New to the job.

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    New to the job.


    just after your advice, i've just started home loading, so would like your opinion on a 308 load.

    when i went to purchase my powder etc i was told to try out sierra 125gr spitzer Heads with 40.6 - 47.5 grains of reloader 15 with federal primers.

    What do you think? or have you got any other suggestions?

    i'm putting them through a Browning X bolt. i think the twist rate is 1 in 12.


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    Being new to the .308 I did some research into loads. I cannot do better than to quote Lew Potter from his book on Deer Stalking and Management when talking about the .308 Winchester, " it is at its most versatile when loaded with 150 grain bullets".

    I know people do try and make their .308's shoot as flat as possible, as fast as possible, but if looked at with a stalker's eye (as opposed to a varmint shooter's) the 150gn to 165gn bullets have much to commend themselves.

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    Wot that man said!

    On deer, I've shot almost exclusively with my .308 for the past 20+ years. The 150gr bullet in the flavour of your choice, (Nosler BT for me), will do the job very well on all UK deer. Reloader 15 will also work well in the cartridge.

    There's something to be said for working up a load for one bullet weight - IMHO just don't try and wring the last fps out of it - and become proficient with it, rather than swap around. Unless you want to have a go on big pigs the 150gr will be more than adequate on everything from Muntjac to big red stags.

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