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    Hi thought it's about time i stopped looking at the topics and introduce myself i've been into shooting for forty years now shotguns and rifles all aspects of shooting mainly rifles at the moment i used to target shoot untill 1983 but now just stalking,fox, and rabbit control i work in a gunshop so i get to see quite a lot of shooters so maybe some of you on here
    see you soon T

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    Welcome rg7mm,
    I hope you will be very happy here!

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    Hello rg7mm,
    and welcome, another view from behind the counter will be most welcome and hopefully interesting.


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    Thanks lads just come in from shooting 85 bunnies with my 17 hmr in two hours, iv'e got to get one of our customers to come with me as a lot of the farms i shoot only need air rifles the fields are small if i had someone with an air rifle today they should have shot around 50 - 80 bunnies while i would have been travelling around the big fields shooting 100-180 yard shots,i saw a few nice roe bucks but they will have to wait till after the rut well got to go i'm lamping in two hours

    striaght shooting

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