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Thread: What cost?

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    What cost?

    Just wondering how much it would cost to have a full fox stuffed and also how much just for the mask? Anyone have a clue?
    Thanks DM.

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    I know a very good taxidermist, I'll ask him for you if you like.

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    A freind of my fathers who deals in oddments had a fox the other day he was a realbeauty really wellposed with squint in his eyes looking int the distance i belive he did want to sellit if you were interested, i bought a cracking pair of mounted red squirrels and a staot all victorian,he did also have a 16 point shoulderf mount red stag (dont knowthe name for this many points) absoultly beautifulmount again very old he did try to sell to me but not for me.

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    Around 350 and 170 respectivley. Thats what I was quoted from a top taxidermist, Cheers bud. FM.

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    Ring Gary Tatterton 01937 581077

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    Gary is the man to use if your local to North Yorkshire, if not he's still the man to use! Did me an amazing 'royal' red stag i shot a few years ago, the detail is incredible!

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