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Thread: Do you know where there are any 7mm Hornady 139gn Interlocks?

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    Do you know where there are any 7mm Hornady 139gn Interlocks?

    As it says, my local RFD have ordered some but 5-6 weeks have passed and they dont know when or even if theyre going to come. SO does anyone know anywhere which has them? I know midway UK have them, well Midway USA do but would prefer to get them from the UK.

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    Edgars have 400 I know this as they had 900 last week and I ordered 500 of them which arrived next day, so I would guess your Rfd is telling fibs, glad to share if you need some.
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    My RFD is because he categorically told me that edgars havent got or had any and are on back order from the states.

    Oh, its NSAC which told me this.. F**kers..

    I may take you up on the sharing option if i cant get any in the next 3 weeks.. Thanks, can you order directly from edgar bros?

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    If Hannons have them, I can bring to the meet.

    I pass them a couple of times a week,

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    Sadly one cannot rely upon anyhting Edgar bors tell you. They lie .

    Oh and bear in mind that Hornady make two different 139 Grain Interlock bullets in 7mm:-

    #2825 139 GR BTSP

    #2820 139 GR SP

    I have a few of both.................... Hmmm it will interesting to see if the other Hornady 139 GR bullet the Flat Point #2822 will feed in the .280 as it is an accurate bullet but it will not feed form one side of the magazine in the 7x57.

    I will see if Doug has any in stock when I visit later and check the price.

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    Martin I realise that by posting the e.gun link you are only trying to assist but it will be of little use to flyingfisherman because the restrictions on transportation due to our silly firearms legislation.

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    I know it is boring now in the UK but who knows maybe he will be going skiing over here or could they not just be sent to an RFD in his area.
    The link is nowt to do with me I am just being helpful.

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    Hornady stopped prodction of the 7mm 139g FP and 139gr BTSP several years back, and I guess the 139gr SP will follow. Treasure what you've still got left, as the polymer-tipped SST seems to be the only offering readily available now.

    I noticed when I last visited NSAC in Northallerton in September that only the 'premium' bullets for UK rarer calibres (7mm?) seem to be on their sheves at 30-35 a box.

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    FF, you have a PM.
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