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    Bino views

    Hi All,

    I am in the market for some bino's and have seen a nice pair of Leopold Mesa 10x50 Porro Prism Binoculars. The question I am asking would this x10 mag be too much as I have read that alot of folk use x8.



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    I do have a pair of 10x bins that are great to use in open country, I think 10x is the highest magnification for general use, anything higher would need support. I much prefer 7x42 as an all round pair of bins, and if I had to carry a pair all day every day I might well go for 8x32. These are my personal preferences only!

    I know 8x56 are great for low light, and one famous "Ninja" stalker uses them to great effect!!

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    Been using 10x50 in the open hills for Reds, but overkill for general Roe, etc.

    Just got a pair of Minox 8x42 for my birthday yesterday - can't wait to try them out think it's a good mag for my stalking purposes (75% Roe, 25% Hill Reds).

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    Depends upon your steadiness of hand - free-standing. Tens can be very useful - with good quality lenses, but with the not-so-good makes they can exaggerate any problems such as a bit of shake - heartbeat and pulse after climbing or fast walking, and if you use them a lot during the day they might 'pull' the eyes a bit.

    My preference is 8 X 42 for general work and they don't tend to give shake problems, but probably the most eye-kindly are sevens. If your work is in woodlands and you can hump a larger glass about, maybe sevens with a large objective lens for light-gathering - but a lot does depend upon the quality.

    As flytie says - personal preferences only.

    Incidentally - can any of you optic-wise fellows tell me why you can look down a 6X42 'scope on your rifle and spot your shots at 100 yards, but not see the holes very well with an eight power bino of the same quality glass ?

    I've used a 25 power three draw telescope all of my stalking life in the hills; first a Ross and then a Greys, and with a few years practise you can use them pretty well semi-freehand with a walking stick and spot shots on paper, but that's quite a difference in power.
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    Daz, personally I would't go for any higher mag than 8x as beyond that the field of view can seem to be a problem and shake emphasised, especially at closer ranges. I have just posted a thread about binos on a shoestring if you are interested, having had some good results with a very cheap pair I bought. If I had my chance again I would probably opt for 7x42's as seem good for all round use. Personal preference only.

    Best Regards

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    Thanks Guys for all the advice you have given, Merry Christmas.

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    10x is great in the wide open spaces but shocking when it's up close and personal. '7x is perfection' someone once said who had shot a lot more deer that me.

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    Just to add to what has been said already I have 3 pairs of binoculars 7x 8x 10x if i had to keep just one the 7x gets the vote best all rounder!!!!!!good luck

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    Paul i think that was me mate I have 7x42 and find them just about prefect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Paul i think that was me mate I have 7x42 and find them just about prefect.

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