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Thread: Which fox caller

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    Which fox caller

    I have an electronic caller which works fine as far as it goes but I'm looking at buying one of the remote control type ones as it seems a good idea for the fox not to be looking at caller and shooter in one place.

    The question is... is the foxpro caller at nearly 200 worth it compared to the Ucaller at 90 ?
    Anyone got either?

    BushWear: FoxPro Spitfire Caller




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    I have a u-caller with multiple animals, the fox one does not work for me but the crow caller function is the best.

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    There are plenty to choose from and Ive owned a couple, but right now I have the Foxpro Spitfire (bought it direct from the USA, cost 150 delivered) and can recommend it. It works out to 200 yards with a clear line of sight, is loud enough to bring foxes in from probably half a mile, 24 calls is plenty and can be changed with ease. Yes its a lot of money for a caller but having the ability to place the caller in a safe place for a shot well away from you makes a big difference. Ive had foxes standing right next to it looking at it. Heres a write-up of one I shot recently

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    Thanks for the info guy's. I think it'll be the foxpro for me then. Good write up Steve,one well fed fox there.


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    If you are interested in one from the USA drop me a PM and ill let you know where/how I got it over here. Chap may still have some.

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    I was thinking of investing in the spitfire from foxpro as well. I have tried the remote caller from the warrener which is the same as the u caller and basically it is not worth the money. I have tried it again recently at spots where foxes are calling well with the hand and it still doesn't work.

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    Its well worth the money. Ive sent you some info by PM. Cheers Steve

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