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Thread: A reason why preparation is important

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    A reason why preparation is important

    Now when you look at this you have to wonder, does he only shoot this rifle once a year, they are restricted by the tag system in America remember. Does the zero ever get checked? I bet though it would be hard to find a better example of highlighting the need to practice. Even the deer is having a hard time believing it.


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    Try again John, It seems that you may have forgotten the link!

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    It works for me, I always preview them before I actually post them. Another example of preparation being important


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    Kool link

    clicked it couple of times got the deer then it was Britney Spears topless

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    Oh yeah legal. I got that as well, but I didnt take the shot!!
    seen a coupla those vids on the realtree cammo site.Fairly interesting , but different.

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