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Thread: Oven ready roe price, what should I charge

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    Oven ready roe price, what should I charge

    I have a local retail outlet who will take roe but they have to be skin off, as a guide what would be a reasonable price per kg to charge them?

    Also if I was to sell a whole leg (rear) to an individual (as opposed to a friend) what would be the going rate? I normally ask for 5 kilo for a hind leg which most people seem to think is reasonable, cheaper than lamb!

    I was in Cirencester a couple of weeks ago and haunches of roe were selling at 17 Kg and stewing venison was 13 kg.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Once you start selling to the public even indirectly, you could have whole load of issues regardig tracebility etc, however simple controls and recording can overcome most, monkey spanker is in the know as he gave a talk to our local deer group. He's been there seen it and does it, and is very helpfull, P.M. him deerwarden.

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    Dont do yourself over, after removing the hind legs and loin the rest of a roe is practically worthless unless you can make sausage/ burgers, funny how people always want a rear leg I think if you have taken the trouble to skin the beast you should end up with atleast 50 compared to 40 with skin on,some may need /want more, personally my meatrade background make skinning and breaking down a roe a fairlly easy job


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