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Thread: Stoney Point Explorer Bipod - Dissapointing

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    Stoney Point Explorer Bipod - Dissapointing

    Stoney Point Explorer Polecat Bipod - dissapointing

    This was bought as a treat to myself as an upgrade from my B&Q garden cane & hazel stick tripods/bipods that litter the garage.

    First impressions were fine, lightweight, decent locking mechanism and not too difficult to manipulate with gloves on plus portability & compactness for travelling also a bonus.

    A few days later I had an invite for a go at the hinds which would be a good test ground for my new “gucci” bipod.

    So I was pretty peeved after only 2 hours on the hill walking up a woodland extraction/fire break then out onto some mixed heather & frozen bog I found both the end points had disappeared leaving hollow tube!!

    Extremely unimpressed to say the least.

    I even took the rubber boots off the points when coming off the hard road ground into the softer ground to prevent losing them from any possible suction from the bog etc but still managed to lose the pointed inserts.

    Surely you don’t have to start epoxying in end tips on bloody 65 bipod to make them hill proof???

    I then had to put the over caps back on to try and save damaging the open tube ends but these lasted hee haw time too as expected.

    They’ve now gone straight back to where they came from for full refund

    Not exactly the “rugged” performance they tout nor what I was expecting & doesn’t inspire my confidence in their gear at all.

    I appreciate there are many who use them and find them great but just my experience.

    Looks like I’ll be sticking to my DIY hazel & old green canes or else I’ll maybe have a look at the Knobloch’s if I treating myself in the near future.

    You have been warned

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