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Thread: gsp abit thin

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    gsp abit thin

    hi everyone ,i have finally managed to get the misses to cave in and i have now got a 2yr old gsp for stalking he came from a rescue centre for gsp and after alot of discussions with them about what i wanted we found tommy he seems keen to learn and has an exellent nose loves to scent and point when were out so i have started with the basics of heel work ,sitting and all that and i am taking it slowly now hes abit under weight so can anyone help me suggest how i build him up abit at the moment hes on a high protien dry food with chopped liver and chicken thanks,wayne

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    Great stuff Wayne.

    I have no advice to give, just wanted to wish you all the best with your new best mate!


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    cheers mate hes doing really well ,by the way i have sent off the gaitors but post is none existant at the moment with a backlog from the snow,atb wayne

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    Ah, good man. Thank you again. I'll have to get you a pint or 2 in next time we meet. How are things over your way - all gone over here now.


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    its been mad it was -17 at work the other day and around 4 deg today melting rapidly, roads to work are now ok still lots of snow around atb,wayne

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    Don't seem much wrong with what you are doing. If you want him to gain a bit more weight just add a bit more to his daily intake. Don't over do it but as long as he is eager to eat a bit more I'd go for it. During the winter months when my dogs are working hard a good few days a week and they need extra feeding to burn up keeping warm I just add an extra meal in. At present I am almost at double their summer intake but they have gained no weight. If you can get raw tripe it is an excellent second feed.

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    thanks for that i can get tripe i will give that a go as well as what i am doing i will get some pictures up this week atb,wayne

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    Well done on taking the time to find a good rescue! We have had 3 rehomed weimaraners over the years and each one of them had a natrual instinct for working with the gun. The first one who came at 2 years old from a block of flats went bonkers with excitment the first time she ever saw a gun. They just have it in them.

    Don't give him to much liver as it contains a high amount of waste and vitamin A, which when overdosed can cause vitamin A toxicity which can lead to weight loss. Also avoid tempting things such as raw eggs which contain an enzyme called avidin, which decreases the absorption of vitiman B, which can also lead to skin and hair coat problems. Bonless chicken tighs etc are a good bet as they are high in the right sort of fatty acids.

    Just feed him a little more each day until such time as he is looking right. Maybe try wet food to ease digestion?

    Good luck, have you got a photo?


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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	07112010314.jpg 
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ID:	3806thanks for your help i did take some pictures but only on my phone Click image for larger version. 

Name:	07112010316.jpg 
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    Looks a good dog. Just a wee bit extra feeding and exercise to build muscle not fat and he will be in excellent condition.

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