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Thread: .308 and 220gr bullets??

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    .308 and 220gr bullets??

    Does anyone know, or had any experience of loading 220gr bullets in .308?

    I was just wondering what the maximum weight you can go is? most factory loads seem to be 180 gr or 200 gr (sako hammerhead factory). and data from reloading manuals seems to stop at 200gr for .308.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    Basically it's due to lack or powder capacity. The .308 case is too small to launch the 220's at a reasonable velocity. Were you aware that certain "custom" bullet makers make a 250 grain .30 cal bullet? or at least used to am not sure if they are even still going but they were listed in a Handloaders digest I believe.

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    My mate uses 210gn in his custom target rifle for TR and F class but has a fast twist barrel, the twist rate may be a problem when trying to use 220gn bullet in a factory 308.



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    I shoot 215 gran cast bullets at full throttle from my .308. I taper the bullet to match the throat and keep the bullet base out of the powder supply. My Brno is a 1-10" twist and has no problem with these bullets down to 1400 fps. Hard to believe but at 1800 fps these bullets kill deer well. I would reserve the jacketed variety for heavy game. The US 30-40 cartridge was designed to shoot 220 grain bullets but most hunters have shot lighter bullets unless after heavy game animals. ~Muir

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