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Thread: Dsc 1 certificate

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    Dsc 1 certificate

    Just got mine in the post was told that it would be up to 6 weeks, its been 2 weeks so not bad ! Pity I didnt have my reg number last week, coz my first munty , and a roe buck would have , helped towards my level two , so I am gonna bag that one up asp, regards a very chuffed to bits ,Trapper

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    Well Done, I have my DSC1 in July.....

    Hope I have as much success as everyone on here and pass it. I think I know my stuff, well, enough to pass it, but you never know...


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    New black sillouettes introduced . I went for my first hole as my guide and just used that as my aim mark!!! As long as your first shot is dead on!
    Did mine with BDS. crigillon , because this was the firstime the targets where used we had an aiming target offset to the right , go up the leg centre, and line up with bull and you should be bang on! I found I was concentrating more on the rhs bull than the target and switching before I found the centre mass. Hope this doesnt cause any confusion , the guys on my course may like to input here!
    crack on and good luck.
    Regards Trapper.

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    Wasn't aware of that. Cheers for that info..

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    Good luck guys. It is worth doing, and then you have Level 2 to look forward to

    All the best, relax and enjoy most people who run the Level 1 are there to help you, and I am sure you will all pass with flying colours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapper
    New black sillouettes introduced.
    I was shown one of the new DSC1 targets the other day. Shouldn't be too difficult to hit in the right place (up the centre of the front leg & halfway up the body is about centre of kill area), but the first thing I thought of when I saw it was a skylined roe at last light! Probably not the right message to send out ....

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    I agree - and a photo target would be realistic as well! I suspect that this is a racehorse designed by a committee

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