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Thread: Mauser m03 custom?

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    Mauser m03 custom?

    How suitable is the mauser m03 for the basis of a custom built rifle?


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    judgeing by the lacl of replys, its no good at all


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    I'm just wondering why you would want to? Surely there is enough choice with this rifle straight from the factoy- sounds a bit like gilding a lilly to me.

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    i would like to combine the safety of this action with the accuracy of a custom built rifle.


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    I know where you are coming from I spoke to lee at border and he said at the moment they dont do barrels for them, any one know of any one else doing them?


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    I know nothing about the M03 but have seen the writer Bruce Potts using an RPA change barrel system that has been custom built by Steve Bowers. Give him a ring and see what he says,

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    Why customise a M03 mine shoots 100% so why change it. If you fancy a heave barrel these are available. The triggers is great as is. You can only use Mauser mounts on a M03.
    Why try to improve perfection.

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    Put a deposit on one last week in 30.06 just waiting for my FAC back with variation sounds like they are getting a top review from you Jagare. the only reason I thought about it was because the replacement barrels are more in cost than a top end custom barrel any way.


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    The standard rifle will be accurate,
    Its all down to load development.

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