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Thread: Dummy launcher wanted

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    Dummy launcher wanted

    Dummy launcher wanted

    My son has put a dummy launcher on his christmas list!!! can anyone oblige?

    BTW he is 15 and always supervised by me etc etc

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    Hi Sanibel

    I don't have one for sale but I just wanted to ask if you or your son have used one before? There is a big kick from my one with the .22 blanks and after a while the arm starts to feel it.

    If it was fired accidentally into somebodies face there is the potential to seriously injure or worse...

    I have seen an extension that looks like a stock that may be worth thinking about for your son.

    Good luck in the search.

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    yes I was going to make up a gunstock extension, as a safety item it also keeps the thing pointed in thye right direction

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    Hi Sanibel.

    Have you thought about trying E-Bay, saw one for sale on the site about 3-4 days ago. You could also try Sporting Saint, Turner Richards etc.

    I have a launcher with the extention and a tennis ball fitting, find it realy good for training spainels for close quatering. Hope this helps


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    Alright, unfortnately can't help u with the luancher but a good tip on how to fire it without hurting u(althou u prob already know it) If u hold it with ur pinky finger nearest the top/dummy (wot i would describe as backwards) ur arm will bend at the elbow with the recoil naturally so less chane off injury

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    These onws look good Thought I would let others have a look at what they look like.
    Smile and more people will smile with you.

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    Sorted now lads, just met up with a really nice chap from sunderland, it cme with the canvas cover and the red buttplug!
    Blank carts were a little expensive at 10 per 100 though (bagnall & Kirkwoods) is there an alternative like hilti carts?

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    im trying to find one if anyone got a launcher for sale please contact me

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    Look on eBay and get a remote controlled one no recoil you can work your dog up to it without the dog knowing what's coming. Got one last year fantastic bit of kit and not for mad money either.

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