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Thread: Something has come loose while practising?

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    Something has come loose while practising?

    I went to practice yesterday with the .243 with some 105 AMax loaded with 42.2gr of N560 at 10 thou off the lands. My first zeroing target at 100yds was ok, but not as tight groups as I would like. I then changed targets and fired as follows:

    2 shots prone - ok.
    2 shots off elbows - couldn't see them, but they were in the black.
    2 shots sitting - not good, 2 inches left.
    tried again, still 2 inches left.
    Changed my position and tried again and now have a nice group of 6 shots, but not on the target.
    Decide to try 2 shots prone at another target - still 2 inches left.
    By this stage I was thinking - had something come loose. So I decided to stop and go for a quick stalk with the 260.

    This morning's update. I have cleaned the rifle. I checked the action screws and found both were about a quarter turn loose, so I have tightened them. Also checked scope screws.

    As soon as I get a chance I will have a quick shot with the 243 at 100yds and then carry on practising with it.

    People sometimes ask me why I have two deer rifles and this is part of my answer. If I had just had the 243 with me yesterday, I wouldn't have gone stalking as I wasn't happy with the rifle's performance. As it was, once the moderator had cooled, I just put it on the 260 and away I went.

    Regards JCS
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    Once I'm happy that all is as it should be on zeroing a fresh set-up, I re-check the mounts / screws etc, & apply a little spot of either metal marker, (paint , quick drying), or clear nail varnish / loctite, ....... not on the threads, just over the head to the surrounding area, any future problems are visible straight off.
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    Thanks, that's a good tip.

    Rgds JCS

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    JCS,I reckon that you've probably solved it, one loose screw's bad enough, but two's a double jepordy.

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