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Thread: gas guns (i.e.d's)

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    gas guns (i.e.d's)

    my farmer has put a gas gun under my high seat, i didn't notice it there in the dark this morning.... i did at 8.15.... back home changing my pants by 9

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    I hope you put them in the bin and not the wash basket

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    I'd rather the wash basket than turning them inside out

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    Hmmm you sure it was him and not some anti?

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    oh, he has class alright, though i dont think that was my 1st description of him,

    I have not had chance to speak to him as i'm now stuck in norfolk~ not that its a bad place to be stuck.

    Its okay with the pants they were my wife's i just put them back where i found them.. thats another problem with getting dressed in the dark..

    Well thats my excuse and im sticking to it.

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    Used to use them alot they do give off a thud lol

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