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Thread: What 12b fox cartridge?

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    What 12b fox cartridge?

    Usaly take foxes with the rifle but we have few fox drives lined up soon and just wondering what cartridges other people use and what is regarded as the best load? For years i have been using some realy old saga bb's (not sure how much powder is in them) which seem to do the job but have run out .

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    Gamebore Buffalo no.3, does anything you need and will go through a 2 3/4 gun ok.

    anything 32gram and above and no 5 + shot will kill foxes cleanly, personally I don't use bb's, no 3 I have found to be more effective.

    Like all shotgun shooting, know your ranges.

    If you have a 3" or over chambered gun then there are some awesome rounds[very expensive]. although I have a 3.5" bennelli , I use buffalo's and over the last few years have killed plenty charlies with them[missed odd ones , but that wasn't the cartridge!!!!!]

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    i would also go with the gamebore buffalos they are a bloody good cartridge with some serious stoping power but i must admit i am a fan of the bb's

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    I agree with all of the above. I'd steer clear of Hullmax bb's they don't seem to hit 'em right.

    Good luck with the drives.


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    Hi Matt,It has to be 36 gram express super game Treble A"s.
    ATB John

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    for fox , i use 1 1/2onz of bb,s or aaa/s remington and winchester are very good, i have killed many fox,s with these loads ,no 3,s i use for geese not for fox,winchester copper plated bb being very good and my no one choice atb steve

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    +1 for the Buffalo's no need for anything bigger than a 3, much bigger and your pattern will be opened up a fair bit at distance.


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    BASC did a test on this and came out in favour of 3's. It is my belief they got it right, all you need to do is pattern BB's etc. to see that 3's give you a better chance of clean kills.

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    Another vote for 3's here. Not shot that many with a shotgun but always pick 3's given chance.
    Also seems to be the preferred load of people who have killed a lot of foxes with SG's.


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    To an extent this will be dictated by your chambers. In my 2.75 inch chambers Eley Alphamax 36g of no. 3s seem to be the sweet spot between pattern and killing power.

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