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Thread: Hi from Central Scotland.

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    Hi from Central Scotland.

    Hi Guys, Just signed up tonight, I had lurked for a while, liked the site, so, now you've got me!!!
    Only had my FAC and SGC since the summer, but trying my best to get out when I can, which isnt as often as I want due to work...
    I've got a few permissions around the central belt, mainly cos i'm ancient and know lots of old farmers., again, mainly due to work.....LOL..
    My perms have all sorts, incl Roe to some numbers..
    I did used to own my own boat for sea fishing, but sold it, and spent some of the money on my FAC actually came through the day after my birthday, so can you imagine???? Like a kid in a toy shop...
    Anyway guys, good to be here, and please be patient with me, with all my "newbie" questions..

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    Good to see you on SD Norrie,

    I'm sure you will learn a great deal from the contributors to this site.

    Best regards,

    (Jelen Deer Services)

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    Does norrie1954 mean when u were born mate.if so your not old as im 1959 .been shooting for a few years now.i dont know many farmers for a few not many.keep in touch through pm if you want

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    Hi Norrie
    Welcome to the darkside mate

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    Welcome to the site Norrie

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    Hi Guys...I've not been on here too often, I actually felt a wee bity out of my depth...,especially as a real newbie... but decided to call back, had a few deer and fox since last we met...and done a few things, got a few new, not too new to it all now...but still need to learn.

    Hi Geordie...thanks for the link mate, it was that pm that spurred me into action and coming back...

    Tain, Aye mate, BUT it's 1956...lOl...I have a few decent farms around Central .got a new 500 acre one just a couple of months ago...amazing place, with all sorts on it, AND 3 (soon to be) duck ponds.....I got them mainly coz I grew up in this area and most of the farmers I know drink in the pubs I frequent...

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    Double post...ooops...
    Last edited by Norrie1956; 02-07-2011 at 20:52.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hw100sniper View Post
    Welcome to the site Norrie

    Thanks, I only posted one message, and then thought it was too advanced a site for me...BUT, I'm back, and willing to learn.....

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    Hello Norrie - - and welcome from the North



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    Hi norrie

    Welcome to the the site

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