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Thread: 3 Peaks challege

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    3 Peaks challege

    Guys and gals

    Been keen for doing this for a while now, never really got round to organizing it however! Basically, for those that don't know, the aim is all 3 of the highest peaks in the UK in sub 24 hours, starting at Ben Nevis and ending at Snowdon, driving between.

    Aim would be to get a team of 4-8 of us together in aid of H4H and enter one of the open bus challenges listed on the site (Three Peaks Challenge
    ), atm this is just conjuncture, but basically would anyone be keen?



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    Hi Tom

    I did this event a few years ago, it is a good one, have you started training for it yet?



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    Vaguely; I normally go to the gym a few times a week anyway, will be upping cardio etc however for this and getting back into running properly! Did a double Marathon on Dartmoor last year which I really enjoyed, done a fair bit of long distance walking stuff in my time and shorter things like Scafell and Snowdon as well spending a lot of time on dartoor training DofE groups when I was younger, so I should be fit enough come the summer. Also used to whip in to a pack of beagles in devon which can only help lol. Any good tips on training?



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