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Thread: New GPS for car

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    New GPS for car

    Hi all,

    Back in the UK over Xmas and was thinking about treating myself to a new GPS for the car.

    Does anybody have any recommendations as there seems to be lots of models with different bells and whistles, I'm not interested in all these premium downoad services just would like to be warned about speed camers?


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    My Garmin Nuvi widescreen cú160 from Amazon has been a great buy. During the recent weather a motorway slip road I needed was shut without a posted detour. The G.P.S rerouted me and took me through Edinburgh avoiding all known congestion sites and kept me moving when Scotland was in traffic chaos hell. It really is worth paying just a little more for a system that has rerouting capability.
    The same system took me through Europe without a hiccup and even auto adjusted for timezones. It can find fuel, accomodation or points of interest and displays camera locations, current speed and the legal speed limit.
    It has other features as well but these are the ones I consider are now essential if you want to throw away the paper map.
    The download dodahs are generally to update the mapping and camera locations

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I've been looking at the Nuvi's and it seems you get more for your money than you do with the TomTom's.

    I like the idea that unit has blue tooth and can back-up as a hands free if needed whilst diving, so this is a feature i'm looking for.

    Can I ask what model you have longlowdog?

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    I believe it is a 1490. The Bluetooth sync's well with my phone and gives access to the phonebook and displays text messages.

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    P.S I don't think my unit would work so well whilst I'm diving.

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    I have 4 gps systems at the moment (I'm sorry just can't seem to throw stuff away) 2 tom tom based and 2 magellan/garmin based (infact, come to think of it 5 now as my phone has the option eeeeek!) I personally prefer the tom tom system as the most user friendly and reliable, all the units will allow rerouting and all allow an amount of customisation in routing preferences, I have just updated my van system which is 5-6 years old to the latest version of the tom tom OS and the latest maps and it has gained a new lease of life! it reminds me of the speed limits and warns me about fixed and semi-mobile speed cameras, it is definitly my "go to" GPS the magellan type OS to me is not as user friendly although I accept my units are older models, although not as old as my palm PDA which uses a very old version of tom tom and has navigated me through Europe Texas and NYC with no tears (even though some freeways were found to no longer follow the mapped route due to alterations )

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