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Thread: Any Toyota knowledgables on here?

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    Any Toyota knowledgables on here?

    Thinking of a November 2007 Toyota Hilux Invinceable in black with 60K miles on the clock in manual with no hard-top... Anyone got any tips or values as i have been a Land Rover man for 30 years and the Crappy-Jappy thoughts are slowly melting?

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    hi red dot m9 is invincible in auto great motor atb the highlander

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    8-9k for it approx
    know nothing of the motor sorry


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    hi cbs where in west lothian are you rgds the highlander

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    Not so sure of the model. Things may have changes. You should be looking for the three litre. My surf was great but the 2.4 engines had a rep for underpowered when pulling,

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    toyota invincible

    Have a black invincible myself, won't part with it, best vehicle I've ever had, good cruising up the motorway, solid off road and cleans up nice to take clients in ( mountain guide ). I reckon you'd be looking at 12k + for the one you're looking at, they hold their value so much better than any of the others. Why? Because they last forever, just see how many farmers in Cumbria use them. Good second hand ones are difficult to get your hands on because no one wants to get rid of them. I doubt you'd regret buying one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norseman View Post
    I reckon you'd be looking at 12k + for the one you're looking at, they hold their value so much better than any of the others. .
    save three grand for 6 months

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    Land Rover man myself, but the last toyota we had did 250,000 essentially trouble free miles, and the current one is on 80,000 and has had new CV joints under warranty but that's it-definitely a good make.

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    I have the 2006 Hilux, 4dr and it does me fine.
    However, unless you have a bit of weight in the back it doesn't go where my previous Jeep Cherokee would!
    Get the 3 litre if you can, i didn't and its a little under powered.
    Reliable and good on fuel.
    But can be a haul getting a big red stag up and over the tailgate without a ramp.

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    Had Hiluxs for years and currently have a 3.0L HL3 18months old so obviously no issues with it, The bigger engine is far more powerfull and economical than the 2.5L.
    A standard Landrover is more of an offroader than a standard Hilux, But the Hilux is more than capable offroad for me, Plus it gets you where you want to be more comfortably with no leaky doors and windows or wandering steering.
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