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Thread: most reasonable small torch

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    most reasonable small torch

    Any ideas on a reasonable priced torch to go on belt or in pocket, whether led or bulb is best in your opinion. deerwarden

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    What do you call reasonably priced ??
    Led lenser do a 200 lumens for around 55 , you will not be dissapointed with that

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    take a look in Tesco their led torches rock

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    Cree 3w LED equiped, 160 lumens output, torch, with:
    2x Li-ion rechargable batteries, Good quality alluminium construction with appropriate 'O' ring seals, mains battery charger/battery holder or plug directly into torch body and charge in situ, cigarette lighter/12v charger. Looks a bit like a Fenix, I guess.

    3 lighting options, full beam, full-beam flashing and 30%.

    I stress, it is NO Fenix but... All the above for the princely sum of 29.99 from your local Maplins. I think they're so good, I just bought a second one to give as a Chrissy prezzy.

    ps. It makes a Maglite look like a candle in a jar.

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    Pietzl LED head torch, really really useful.

    On the stalking kit list it's up there right after rifle, ammo, knife - head torch.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Like Brian I agree that a head torch is very useful with the main advantage being that you have both hands free, I always carry one.

    I recently posted a review of a Fenix TK15 I've just bought. It really has been a revelation and was worth the money in my view as the performance has been most impressive. It allows great navigation at night as I can pick up land marks and way points (OK, trees) at considerable distance so moving about becomes easier. It will also pick up deer eyes at 300 - 400 yards and so is resulting in my revising some high seat locations now I've seen where the deer are at night. It comes with a belt pouch thing and is small and light, once it is on the belt I forget it is there. Here is my review with pictures:

    It seems to me like LED technology is advancing at an amazing pace and so in a year you will buy a torch that produces twice the light for half the battery power as the current latest thing. In one way this is good, but in another it means that the "latest thing" tends to be expensive and I paid nearly 70 for my Fenix. I didn't think I could justify the cash but now that it has seen some use I really do see it as a worthwhile investment. The Maplin torch Tamus mentions above might be just as good, in fact it might be made in the same factory, so if you don't feel like splashing 70 (plus rechargable 18650 batteries and charger if you don't already have some) it would be well worth a look. I am pretty sure once you get a high performance modern LED you would not be without it.

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    Tescos torch for 12, even bought one for my Dad they are that good. Very powerful with very little power needs, just 2 batteries.

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    At 18 inc delivery the Cree Ultrafire C8 from ebay takes some beating.

    Smaller torches available from the same vendor.

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