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    Got this to night

    Had a call from a neighbour to night saying that he had a stag just laying in a field next to the house, not wanting to miss an opportunity i popped round. Found the stag just sitting there, shouted at him, when he got up i thought the back right leg was damaged, so i did the obvious, neck shot him, and after doing the necessary the pic shows what i found.... Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	3819 it looks like he was shot about 9" in front of his left rear leg. Looking at him through the scope you could see he was in pain, scandalous shooting i think.


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    I'm in NI as well and there are an amazing number of poachers, in fact in most places being a poacher seems to be a badge of honour and something to be proud of. I suspect that most deer are wounded in some way by poachers, the butcher who I use was just saying to me that most deer he butchers have bullets or shotgun pellets in them somewhere else apart from the fatal one. That fits with my experience of seeing the wounded deer on the ground after the poacher has been out with his lamp. I have a little bit of ground in Fermanagh and was down last week to be met with the rather sorry sight of a group of 5 sika calves grouped together with not a hind in sight. I suspect, with good reason, that their hinds have been poached as have several good stags that were on the ground. Now, it isn't a large area of ground and providing hard figures is difficult but I'd say in the last two months poachers have shot a minimum of 4 stags and 5 hinds off the ground, and I believe it is nearer 4 stags and approx 15 hinds.

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    Im living in fermanagh, and i have to agree with you on the poaching front, just back from walking the dog and a 4x4 passed me switched his light off on came a red lamp but the vehicle did not stop just slowed down lamping i suppose ???

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    Johnnie, I shot a sika stag a few years ago. He was travelling well and looked uninjured. When I skinned him, the left rear quarter and loin was bruised and blood shot. I dug a couple of .22 bullets out of him, -- soft unjacketed lead from a 22lr.

    As Philip says, half the arseholes in rural NI have 22 CF's and are lamping deer on a regular basis.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    i dug 2 .17HMR bullets from a hind i shot in febuary just gone , they went no futher than quarter af an inch into the shoulder !

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    A few years back I helped with the disposal of a red stag, one of many harmed in our area. Poachers had shot the lower jaw and broken the front leg near the shoulder with 22rf rounds. The poor beast had well developed maggots living in his mouth and throat before he died of thirst. The photographs I took appeared on local t.v. Untill the police start adding animal cruelty charges (vicarious liability ?) to the poaching offences and the courts make the consequences of being caught poaching truely draconian then this will carry on. Having seen the suffering first hand I have no sympathy for poachers and wish them nothing but equal misery in their lives comparable to that which they inflict.

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    do you have any better pictures of the wound.
    the first ones a bit grainy


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    Quote Originally Posted by centralbeltstalker View Post

    do you have any better pictures of the wound.
    the first ones a bit grainy

    Are you for real, is that picture not good enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1995rs View Post
    Are you for real, is that picture not good enough?
    sorry that i asked ?
    in fact its not good enough for me.
    i wanted to see the wound so i can see it clearly.
    why? so i can see exactly the extent of the damage and also the blood damage and the entrance wound.
    an animal previously shot that lies up can bleed badly and in a certain way but i am sure i dont need to educate you.
    that wound looks fairly fresh hence i was wanting to see it. then i would ask how long did it take you to get there then i would ask on what side was he laying. also i would ask if he strained when standing.

    you see i did ask for a reason mate and without the picture these questions are pointless.

    hope that explains 1995.

    atb frank

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