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    Interesting stats

    Admin, please bear with this one.

    It may not seem stalking related but... as members of the "Gun Culcher" we often feel much put upon and perhaps, occasionally, over concerned about the dangers and perceptions surrounding shooting.

    Here's some stats and comment that I think help put things into a better perspective.


    BTW, the author may be a wordy pensman but he's definitely worth a read if you want to know what's what in Scottish politics.

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    It's good to see, but almost impossible to get into the main-stream Press.


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    Interesting stuff, but the threat of "dangerous streets" is far too useful a tool for getting more draconian powers for a government on behalf of a populace scared of a threat that does not exist.

    Cynical, Moi?

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    A good find, Tamus. It reminds me very much of the sort of story that might once have found its way into the late Readers Digest.

    Sadly, however, both publishers of red tops and their readers alike nowadays rarely allow facts to get in the way of a good story. Why offer a balanced opinion and ask people to think when you can pander to their ignorance and confirm their preconceptions.

    I heard recently how a report which stated that less than 10% of the population would probably be affected by some illness or other was twisted by a typical hack to suggest that more than 90% might be affected.
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