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Thread: Factory Ammunition for 6.5 x 55

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    Factory Ammunition for 6.5 x 55

    May I ask for recommendations for factory ammunition in 6.5 x 55?

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    depends on how deep your pockets are ?

    federal power shock 140gn are good or were ! i now home load .

    factory bullet prices have soared and thats when i decided to load my own

    cheers lee

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    I use Norma 120gr ballistic tips, and RWS 140gr DK where ballistic tips are unwelcome.

    Norma 140gr Nosler Partition didn't give enough expansion for my purposes, but were accurate
    RWS 127gr KS were very slow from my short barrel for the weight, and the accuracy was only just adequate.
    American ones - wussy loads
    Privi - dismal accuracy in my rifle.

    I am toying with the idea of loading for this rifle.

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    Nosler Baallistic Tips 120grn - 38 ish
    Federal powershock 140grn - 32 ish

    These are the two common factory loads available, both generally work ok.

    Privvy do a 156grn (i think its that weight of bullet) which is cheap as chips in comparison, some love it some hate it.

    I have used both the top two with good effect, i have also used some 140grn RWS hollowpoints on fox (wouldn't use them on deer) which shoot really well in my rifle. I've not used Privvy yet but plan on picking some up over Christmas when i head up north.

    You might find you need to head to sailsbury to pick up 6.5 (unless the place in Ringwood sells them).



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    NF, In buying ammo for my 6.5x55 I found;

    Federal Powershok 140gn are about 140 a bang, but quite good out of my rifle.
    RWS HP 140 gn are about 1.80 a bang, but were desperate out of my rifle, I did not like what they did to the deer either (sorry DD).

    I found buying ammunition consistantly a royal pain, so I started reloading.


    Edit; I have used a few 156 gn Oryx out of my rifle, factory and homeload, both were excellent accuracy wise.
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    i shoot rws 140gr twin core (special imported ) a wee bit faster than federal but much more accurate clover leaf @100 and thumbnail @200 out of a std tikka t3 action and barrel
    i also have the 156gr oryx from norma but have never used them .

    Got a delivery (600 rounds )of the 140 gr in a week orso ago

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    When I had mine I used Federal Powershok 140 SP before I started home loading. They worked ok, didn't ruin meat and were fairly accurate from my rifle. They'd group around an inch at 100 yards, maybe a touch more.

    By far the most accurate were the Norma 156grn RN. Expensive though so I passed on them! I never shot anything living with them as far as I remember but going by the Norma website I would assume they'd drill through anything small without really doing much. They're designed for the larger Deer species, Elk etc I think?

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    Norma 156 grain oryx that I picked up cheap (20 a box) I really liked clover leafing at 100 yards but they're all gone.

    Privi 139 grain shoot very well at 100 yards also shoot very well through my gun and have been buying them at 8 a box. (high shot was a fowling round.)

    Norma 120grain nosler ballistic tips I really like but at 40 a box i only ever bought 1 box grouped about 3/4 of an inch at 100 yards but only tried one 3 shot group at 2 a pop.

    I just picked up 40 seller and Bellot 131 grain at 19.50 a box and zeroed the rifle in with them today and they seem good enough doing under an inch but that in the field not on the range I will give them ago on the range of the bench this week to see what they can do.

    Will switch back to prvi when I can source more then start to reload as I want some lighter weights for foxing (sub 100 grain).


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    Quote Originally Posted by groach1234 View Post
    Privi 139 grain shoot very well at 100 yards also shoot very well through my gun and have been buying them at 8 a box. (high shot was a fowling round.)
    You're very fortunate to have a rifle that does that with Privi!

    BTW, that high shot would in practice be no where near high enough for 'fowling - I'd stick to a shotgun for that

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    I've tried Remington Core Lokt and Winchester Super X, both 140 grain SP, through mine. Both are very accurate, although I suspect the Winchester is slightly faster (I can't find any data on this). I've been using my 6.5x55 more as a fox round at the moment and have found the Remington to be surprisingly good, although the Winchester is a fair bit cheaper at 24 a box.

    I'll be trying Prvi when I use up the last of my Remington.

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