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Thread: Leather Treatment

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    Leather Treatment

    Can anyone recommend a good leather treatment odour free for treating my kodiak leather trousers.

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    Hi, try neats foot oil !!!!

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    try saddle wax, can't remember proprietry name, but you'll get it from any "tack" shop.

    MrsC's just shouted through, "NIKWAX"
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    Quote Originally Posted by stugun View Post
    Hi, try neats foot oil !!!!
    I used to use it on boots etc, but the modern stuff is not so odour free, infact the last lot I used has a rancid smell, much like the oil has gone off, it was ok on application, but a month later it's horrible.
    I am now in the process of trying to wash it out, saddle soap and elbow grease, slow going.
    I will certainly not use it again, going to try the Nikwax Aqueous Wax next I think.

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    I have used Hydrophane treatment. As far as I can remember odour free. Avaialable form most horsey type shops.


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    I managed to bugger the leather on a pair of Harkila X-Clusive trousers by using R.M.Williams Leather treatment. I recently purchased some Harkila Leather Care and reproofer spray from eBay, it smells a bit upon application but that soon wears off. The Leather fronts on my Xtreme trousers (new version of Kodiak) are now in as new condition after using the Harkila spray. Think it was Montrose Guns and Tackle who I purchased it of thru eBay.

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    Harkila do a 'Nubuck/Suede Care & Waterproofer' which might be more suitable for the leather facings on the Kodiak etc. trews.

    Uttings can supply it for 8.99 but the postage looks a bit spendy, so maybe shopping around is in order:

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    Thanks everyone for all recommendation any more would be greatfull

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    I think the name your looking for is saddle soap but it has its own odour

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