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Thread: Muntjac Gyros Mit Pommes und Krautsalat

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    Muntjac Gyros Mit Pommes und Krautsalat

    Just like when in England and you get a hankering for a kebab after a skin full of beer, when in Germany you have a skin full of pilsner you tend to gravitate towards the gyros stand. A recent holiday to Greece made me realise how much I've missed the old gyros though, and I noticed that even without the benefit of copious pints of beer the gyros still beats the kebab hands down. On the last day of the holiday I was in the little resort supermarket and happened to notice some packets of dried spice mix. One was gyros, the other was tzatziki, so I bought a pack of each. Unfortunately I'd thrown the tzatziki packet away before noting down what was in the mix, but managed to remember to do it for the gyros. Fortunately you can buy ready made tzatziki among the dips section in most supermarkets though, or I have seen several cookbooks with the recipe in.
    To make your own gyros mix you will need:-
    2 tsp dried basil
    2 tsp dried oregano
    2 tsp paprika powder
    1 tsp garlic powder.
    As far as I can remember, the tzatziki mix consisted of garlic powder, dried mint and dried parsley.
    For the Kraut salad you need:-
    1/2 medium sized white cabbage
    1/2 an onion
    some peppadew peppers (from a jar)
    Salt and black pepper
    White wine vinegar
    olive oil.
    For the gyros you'll need to de-bone a rack of munty ribs and keep the belly/flank meat attached.

    To make the krautsalat. 1/4 the cabbage and remove the heart, then cut it into small enough chunks to fit in a food processor. Peel and chop the onion so that it too can fit in the processor. Put them both in and blitz them for a bit so that both are finely chopped. Empty into a bowl, add a generous twist of ground salt and pepper. Also add in 4 or 5 chopped peppadews. Next put in a good sized "glug" of olive oil and then wet the whole lot with white wine vinegar. Don't over do it though, you don't want it swimming in the stuff. Once done, give the whole lot a thorough stirring and leave it to one side to "mature" while you carry on with the rest of it.
    To make the tzatziki. Take one small tub of Greek yoghurt and add a tsp of your herb mixture, a bit of olive oil and some shredded cucumber. Again, give it a stir and set aside for a bit.
    For the gyros you'll need to detach the flank from along the bottom of the saddle, and then de-bone the ribs, so that you end up with a thin, flat slab of meat. Next rub some olive oil onto the meat, sprinkle some of your gyros mix over the same side of the slab and roll the meat, starting at the pointy end. Roll it quite tightly and then wrap it in a sheet of foil to make a little parcel. At this point you should leave it a couple of hours to absorb the flavours, but you can cook it straight away if you want.
    Too cook it, pre-heat your oven to 220 deg C (don't know what that is in gas marks. Sorry), and then put the parcel in to cook for 20 minutes in the foil. After the 20 mins are up, remove the foil and cook for a further 10 mins to brown the outside of the roll.
    While this is cooking, either bung some oven chips in as well, or make your own and fry them.
    Once the gyros is done, slice the roll fairly thinly and serve with a helping of chips, a generous amount of krautsalt and a good dollop of your tzatziki. An ice cold lager is an excellent accompaniment.
    Because of the small size of the roll of meat from a munty, this recipe is ideal for two people. If you adjust the cooking time though, theres no reason you couldn't do the same with the meat from a larger deer.
    Try this and you'll never want another doner kebab for as long as you live.
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    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Much appreciated for the recipe, will try and let you know how it turns out. Had a couple of gyros in Germany, on Adventure Training, usually whilst leggless. Had thrown Tzatziki on kebab before now, not bad. My mouth is watering...

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    Mmmmmm gyros I used to live on it when I served in Germany. But I used to have curry ketchup with my pommes. I get all that stuff now from the German shop in London.

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