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Thread: Tikka T3 carbon fiber

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    Tikka T3 carbon fiber

    Finally managed to finish our new stock for a Tikka T3
    Half way through our prototype testing we changed the shape and
    went away from a monte carlo style cheek to a more ambidextrous stock.
    Where the cheek meets the stock we cheated a bit and have a similar
    angle to our older stock design, this time on both sides.
    The buttpad is raised by 10mm compared to our other stock design which should
    eliminate muzzle flip and suit prone shooting a bit better without ruining off-hand
    handling. The comb is fairly high and should be perfect for 50 -56mm scopes.
    We sprayed this stock with duracoat, a mix of 80% tac woodland green and 20% tac black.
    I have a 223 Tikka T3 lite at the moment and it got lighter with this
    713gram all carbon fiber stock. Pity I can't go stalking with this rifle due to calibre.


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    Looks great can you tell me what else you've done to the rifle and where you got the bits from? Thinking of doing some tinkering with my t3

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    Hi Beno,
    for some reason the plastic bolt shroud was cracked when I got the rifle. This was
    replaced by a metall one from Roedale in Germany. I wanted a picatiny rail as all my rifles have one and I can swap scopes easier, the one I have on is in stainless also from Roedale.
    The bolt handle from the same place, works extremely well but is not that essential.

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    Nice one Edi, I'd buy one if I didn't already own 2 of your stocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat View Post
    Nice one Edi, I'd buy one if I didn't already own 2 of your stocks!
    Matt, hope all is well
    another one in black?
    Thought you had a great excuse for your colour choice...


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    how much for the stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    Matt, hope all is well
    another one in black?
    Thought you had a great excuse for your colour choice...

    Yeah, neither has been noticed yet!

    It'll be a few more months until I have enough in the piggy bank!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornady View Post
    how much for the stock?
    pm sent

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    Edi, that's a terrific view, and I don't just mean the scenery behind the rifle. The stock shape reminds me of one I have seen before, on a Rigby of all things! I should imagine it handles beautifully.

    I am not so keen on the bolt handle. I have noticed a trend towards gearstick type bolt handles, rather than the more elegant ones from the past. Perhaps i am just showing my age

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    I admit, the bolt knob is fairly nice to use but horrible looks wise. Especially for a hunting rifle, might be ok for a target rig.
    Scenery, yes very nice .. recently moved house. I shoot and fish the river too, tidal where we are.

    I'm lucky to have very experienced shooters in the area who have helped in the past few years to
    find weak spots on our stock's shape. The new T3 is a bit of a gamble in the looks department, but
    it seems to tick the boxes. Like, very little or no muzzle flip, even if you are right handed a comfortable
    shot of the left shoulder is possible in an emergency, very high comb suits higher or bigger scopes.
    Forend is square, meaning, while pulling up the rifle for a quick shot one automatically levels to the horizon
    because one feels the rifle's position (anti cant). Not possible with a round forend.


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