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Thread: Reducing Barrel Length Tika T3

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    Reducing Barrel Length Tika T3

    Looking for some advice on reducing my barrel length on my Tika T3 with a Varmint barrel, the reason for this! i'm looking to fit a ASE Utra Mod and these mod's add to length.

    The rifle is in .308 cal, and having a short rifle would suit the way i stalk (woodland etc).

    Any advice would be greatfull.
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    How long is it now, the new models are 20" barrel, what length are you thinking of?

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    Don't do it.

    I have a super varmint in .243 and its 20". I wish I had the 24" version instead.

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    Theres no reason that a reduction to 18" wouldn't work. I've a 18" .308 sako and that shoots well. In fact really well out to 1000 yds. At woodland ranges once you have worked up your load again it would be more than adequate. I've used mine on Roe and Muntjac and wouldn't hesitate on Reds, Fallow or Sika. 180gr loadings will get 2450fps or so and will hit like a train. 150grs will get close to 2700. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't accurate too.



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