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Thread: Snow in Ayrshire

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    Snow in Ayrshire


    Just a quick one hopefully planning a trip to Ayrshire next week, I know the forecast is not great and the likelihood is that we will have some more snow coming in, but what is it like now, is there still snow covering, mainly interested in the state of forest rides etc...

    Any information would be greatly appreciated...



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    What part of ayrshire mate its a very big place but i will say the east of the district is clear of snow.

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    Thank you 6pointer for the advice...


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    i would wait till the weekend pass's mate.
    supposed to be bad up n down the counrty till friday.
    then cold again next week they say.
    i was down that way with work and it had less snow than the central region so i would say you will be ok unless as stated the weekend changes it.

    atb mate


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    Cheers Frank,

    Yes we aren't leaving until Monday AM so will see what happens end of the week and weekend then see where were at...

    Thanks again,


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    Alex i live in the village of Sorn which is only a few miles from Cumnock. The forecast is for heavy snow tonight but as of 8.30pm tonight its quiet mild. I will be happy to let you have a better update before you leave, just pm me and i will give you up to-date info.


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    Nielaj it looks like you might be in for a wee bit rough weather when your up but it still dose the job DUNGAIVEL this morning. (8 miles from cummnock)

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    Thanks for your input guys...

    Much appreciated...

    If i get a nice few stalks in and maybe a doe like yours 6pointer then it will be a trip worth making...


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    Its always worth the trip stalking is a passion and if you dont get a beast or two your one step nearer.If you dont go you will definately wont shoot one.
    Best of luck.

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